Selling me, character has full slaves and HG implants. Max Avatar and Max Revelation (perfect hotswapping for if your alliance owns a keepstar)

Has a few skins.

Starting big 65bil



eve-board needs api update.
also, please provide rest of requierd details. Location, Wallet f.e.

I’ll accept the 66b/o if you get back to me in time. If someone offers higher B/O I’ll go with that

~bumps~ still available.

Location S-K Keepstar, wallet is positive, sec status -0.4, attribute remap is available, and has the following avatar skins: Cold Iron, Khanid, and Purity of the Throne.

Also never heard back from Thorian Amadarr so still available. If someone wants to offer a higher B/O I’ll accept.

I’ll do 60b now if you fancy that.

Already have offers of 65 and 66b, I’ll accept a 67bil b/o if offered before Thorian Amadarr responds.

I can offer 67 bil b\o if still available

Ill accept this, feel free to send isk and account info

Funds sent and account info sent via evemail.

ISK received, doing transfer now

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