As standing in title selling this character with wide range of skills.

Located in Amarr.

All CCP rules aply.

Extracted skill cost +/- 115b

Bidding start at 120+ b

106 revised bil

You know that sell it for 112bil doesnt make sense? since i can extrakt SP for more isk

it makes sense if break even with current prices is about 113.5 (while keeping a “free” sp farm character afterwards). 1.5b for the trouble of extracting that butt load of sp and some extra profit on top? not so unreasonable as you think. Especially when there aren’t that many buyers with over 100b in the first place.

Understand. Im selling it here so the time invested in eve in not wasted when extracting. So hope someone who is looking for some good char for pvp or incursions or carrier ratting will take it.

Daily bump.

112 bil on the table at the moment

Bumpy bump

So it looks like that Gattanera updated his bid to 108 from 112.

108b on the table atm

Bumpy bump.

3 more days and if 120b not reached ill extract it myself.



Bump s


Last 24h then i will extract it if 120b not reached. What is the highest offer?

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