Cluster rocket launcher

When playing battleships, hitting small frigates and drones with your torpedoes can be annoying in a long fight,especially when all of your drones are turned into fireworks. The cluster rocket launcher provides a new way to deal with frigates and drones.

Cluster Rocket Launcher I
slot: High
does not require a launcher hardpoint
Activation cost: 0GJ
uses rockets as ammo(Only T1 rockets and T1 auto targeting missiles can be used in this module)
When loaded with auto-targeting missiles, this module automatically searches for the smallest ship in range, but prioritizes ewar frigates over all frigates.

Fires 16 rockets, dealing a total of 500 damage of the corresponding type (not reliant on ammo type).
Each rocket flies at 6.5km/s, is guaranteed to do at least 450damage(total) but has 1 hp only(regardless of ammo type), making small smartbombs worth fitting, however small smartbombs drain capacitor relatively quickly.

This range makes any unwary frigate pilot susceptible to the launcher damage, but if they point the battleship over 20km with proper range control, the battleship will have to neut the frigate, and attempt to scratch it to death with torpedoes.

After a round of use, it cannot be re-activated for 20 seconds.(only 25 DPS addition)

This module can only be fitted to battleships and dreadnoughts, but it can be activated on any ship.
No more than 2 of this module type can be fitted on one ship.

Changes to the game:
Battleship pilots can easily punish interceptor pilots if they get too close, forcing them to either repair off-grid, or get healing on-grid, diverting the attention of the field healer.However, even with the 2 modules together, the maximum damage would only be 1000, making a battleship unable to instantly remove a frigate from the battlefield. Combined with drones, it can, but it risks losing a precious drone, which reduces the ship’s effectiveness against other frigates. Most missile ships cannot use lots of drones, and the rattlesnake would have to use its only utility high slot on a neutralizer, which is effective against all ships, thus more useful in general.
Marauders have lots of utility high slots, making the golem harder to troll because the golem pilot could always run 2 of these launchers, which,combined with drones, could quickly take out frigate rats.They now have less reliance on large smartbombs.

Small smartbombs would be useful in roams and kitchen sink fleets, since the Interceptors would need this to save their ship. They would be able to see the slow projectile coming at them at 6.5km/s, and activate the smartbomb to negate the damage. However, with the MWD,point and smartbomb on, it’ll only take 50 seconds before the ship runs out of juice.

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  1. No.
  2. Rapid launchers are what you are looking for.
  3. If a Battleship is pointed, it can MJD.

1.Rapid launchers work really bad on anything with active rep
2.If a battleship is scrammed by anything that’s willing to fight within 10km it can’t. I’m talking about prolonged battles here where the battleship lost all of its drones and gets stuck with a 5-6 man gang

Yes it can.
It can’t MJD if it is SCRAMMED.
Note the difference, Scrams do not happen at over 20km (ok, unless recon)


Your proposal can’t kill a frigate in one shot, giving active reps time to work anyway. And has a base DPS of 25.


That’s the point- frigate pilots would get lots of damage, at this point they have 2 choices:
1.get killed by torpedoes and rep

You… Do get how little damage 1000 is right? If the torps will kill it after this, they would have before this anyway, because it means the Torps are over their active rep level anyway. Rapid launchers would work better in this use case as they would add better DPS.
In short, no, your idea is bad, rapid launchers already exist and fill the gap you want this module to.

Notice that most standard Interceptor fittings have no reps, and with the torps They would notice the aggro already, but they still remain on grid for longer. This kicks them out of the grid almost Immediately
The torpedoes are still the main damage dealer here.
With the torpedoes their 100DPS tank breaks easily, but without the 1000 the battleship would have a hard time Killing it quickly. After 20 seconds the 2nd wave is ready, so if it doesn’t rep that quickly the 2nd wave would Wipe out its armor/structure.

So you want a module who’s only practical use is vs no rep interceptors when flying battleships with utility high slots…
This sounds like a very personal request based on something that happened to you, not something that actually adds value to the game overall.

Well, no(possibly). This module acts very well on tackles, which makes it worthy both in fleets and in Solo PVP, so battleships would have more agility, rather than a“brick with guns” whenever it gets tackled. It Also works as a good substitute of smartbombs in highsec.

Also, I never fly battleships. Mainly because when they enter hostile territory they die because they are flying bricks and can be easily tackled, so opponents bring a hammer, called a dreadnought.

I suggest you look up Stitch K on YouTube, you will find that the problem you wish to solve doesn’t even exist.


Webifiers and target painters don’t require launcher hardpoints, either.

Edit: I wonder if a medium energy neutralizer would help?


No. We already have rapid heavy missile launchers.
You speak of torpedoes and that they can’t kill small stuff effectively . I’ll give you a hint , fit a Typhoon with a scram, web, grappler, target painter, large/medium energy neutralizer and 2-3 rigor rigs. Load faction torpedoes or javelin variant and make use of medium drones. Tell me how that will go for the frigate , but I’ll do you the courtesy and tell you: rape.

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I agree, what you’re looking for is rapid launchers.

The range, damage, application and hp of missiles is decided by the rocket/missile not the launcher…

If you want to punish tacklers that get close, you can use neuts, scram, web and proper drone control.


You’re asking for a free launcher on ships without a launcher hardpoint remaining.

Hard no on that fact alone.

Rockets are short range missiles. They typically barely reach scram range, yet you’re asking for them to go to long point range on any hull regardless of missile bonuses.

Another hard no.

You’re looking for a solution to a problem that already has multiple solutions:

MJD (if not scrammed)
Stasis Web (if scrammed)
Heavy Neut
Rapid Heavies

And if you couple two or more of these, the whole “lone frigate tackling a battleship boo hoo” scenario largely evaporates.

-1. Don’t propose new solutions when multiple solutions already exist.

Not trying to dis on what you’ve said, but there’s even more. . .

Target Painter
Stasis Grappler
Tracking/Guidance Computers
Application Rigs

Who knew large weapons don’t apply to small things unless you prep it to lol

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No dis taken. I was trying to be generous, LOL!

Grapplers in particular are vicious against frigates that get too close.

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