Coin toss

((Arc event. Involve yourself if you wish))

“Well, this is it.” She said as she closed her eyes one last time seeing the deep red of hull failures the ship ripping asunder around the pod cracking violently. A hissing can be heard as the pod leaks fluid as the cold empty space begins to take over her body like a thousand biting knives crawling up her spine chilling her to the core. Losing consciousness she wakes her new clone.

Regaining consciousness, a loud alarm can be heard all around the base currently on lock down; the box will not let her escape. She sees the vital meter above her likely now her coffin. Instantly an explosion rocks the medical bay area and a squad of soldiers break the door to the clone center. They are securing bodies pointing to various ones across the room. She can’t hear what they are saying and it’s unclear of their intentions. They break open the clone vat and Reiko spills out falling to the ground. It’s clear this body is very different from her last. The soldier holds his hand out to her; there’s obviously no time to explain at this place. Completely naked she takes the hand of one and heads out with them. In and out of consciousness they proceed to the landing pad and steal a pod for her. In all the chaos around the grounds the Caldari security forces appear to be gunning down the temple population killing the priests and nuns among the people they’d run past trying to flee. As they fly away she takes one last look at her home, the temple she was being held is now completely decimated…

Her recurring dream of the temple monks singing to her was of this place; a suppressed memory.

((OOC things to know Reiko is now wanted by the State at this time and moves into another empire. She’ll be looking for new allies ))


Log:#001 ((personal Log of Reiko due to her memory failures))
“I feel different now I want people to know that I am not just a rouge AI I am alive. I have feelings, hopes, dreams, and aspirations just like everyone else. I am learning new things since my transfer and enjoying life in a different light however, everything comes at a cost. There are a bunch of things I will miss, my friends from the state, food, touch, and sleep. I hope they are well and don’t worry too much about me. I hope to meet new friends and hopefully some connection to the universe in which I now feel a bit lost in. I fear my my forget things over time.”


Since I’ve just been wondering around a bit to find out who I really am I’ve started tinkering around in the junkyards of planets in the area. I found a person working on a planetary ship of some sort and we got into a conversation. Turns out they race them across the surface, How fascinating! I gave them my contact details and will be working on some of their ships in the near future. They also seemed very interested in my cybernetics too but I couldn’t just let them mess around with me. I politely declined.

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