Dealing with the 'Coin Toss' as a capsuleer

To reader:
Upon opening this message

// Encryption keys received
// Decryption complete
I have seen our lives the ones that we think that we are living but I know are a lie. I have seen our selves grown in factories like cattle waiting to be used as slaves for benefit of others and entertainment of all kinds. I have seen what we are cold husk in stasis never to be awaken to any warm sun rise in the morning I have never experience. The capsuleer program isn’t what you think it is. We are grown as a experiment to someone or something behind the scenes. We are just a copy of another past self. When we die we actually die! However, we awaken and yet not the same as we once were. Our copy only thinks we are the same and to that I ask; how do I know if my memories are our own? Am I being controlled by outside influences?

I am getting the feeling that I am not acting of my own will.
// null
message terminates by zeroing itself out

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Sometimes, I feel like I’m being controlled by an unseen force that cares little about my well being and treats my life like some sort of game… then the boosters wear off and I’m good again.


I get that feeling too sometimes, but atleast that unseen force seems competent.


Wanna trade unseen forces?

We all have strings, some are more aware of them than others.

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I bet I’m being controlled by an absolute daddy. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I don’t know…

I… don’t have enough evidence to say whether or not I’m the original me. I think It’s depressing and unproductive to think about.

That being said I feel that my choices are mine and mine alone. I may make the wrong choice sometimes due to a lack of information, misinformation, or a misunderstanding of the information, but I still ultimately do get to make my best attempt at making those choices. That’s true even if the information I’ve access to comes from previous entities of which I’m a copy.


My guiding spirits tell me that I am the me that I am, regardless of the flesh golem that I inhabit. That’s good enough for me.


Every new clone of mine is a new person who happens to share the name and the memories. Every time a Charles has died, a new one has taken the same place. We’re all one long line of the same code, replicated and reproduced with varying accuracy. Every Charles before me hasn’t been me, but I’m still responsible for their actions, just as the future Charles’ will be responsible for mine.

No shame in it.

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You don’t find that idea depressing at all?

I mean, I know whether or not an idea is depressing has nothing to do with if it’s right and all that…

But if every Charles is responsible for the actions of the previous Charleses, aren’t you already living as though you were all the same entity? If you’re truly different individual entities is that not just a little bit unjust to be held accountable for things you didn’t actually do yourself. The fact that there’s “varying accuracy” between each copy means it’s not even certain one copy wouldn’t behave a different way than another given the same situation.

Even though you believe each clone to be a different Charles, you seem to live as though you’re, for all intents and purposes, the same entity.

Why? I’m not saying it’s wrong to act in such a way for practicality’s sake despite your beliefs, but I would like a bit more understanding of your reasoning.

Ugh, this isn’t what I need to be thinking about right before bed. Did it to myself, though.

We die each time we sleep. It’s debatable whether you are the same person as the you from 1 minute ago. It doesn’t make sense to get too worried about clones being copies.

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The argument of the “inventor” from the story is just too shallow, for we aren’t just patterns. Patterns are static. The life is the evolution of the said patterns, it is a thread of mutation and change, a chain of events when one follows another.

Pattern can be copied with ease, in fact you can copy the pattern as many times as you want, you can make multitude of patterns with all of them being your clones, but which of them will be original? Neither, for the original will be dead. These patterns are not “transported and maintaned”, they are simply copied. And if you copy it multiple times, you will have multiple of new lives spawned out of these patterns, with same consciouseness that will be branched into a number of different lives.

But the original life will be ended. It will be dead, for the thread of life of that consciouseness won’t exist anymore.

Now, speaking about your own argument - the sleep is not the death, it’s mere a pause. Unlike copying, you don’t terminate your consicouseness alltogether, you mere “freeze” it and “resume” when you wake up.

Of course, you can be killed during your sleep, copied and reactivated as a new clone, but this is a different story.

That got me thinking. The new consciousness is very far from causally disconnected from the previous, after all. A transneural burning scan, QEHe3 burst transmission and paired reception, and some rapid gel-matrix brain printing are certainly some form of causal chain of events connecting these patterns, and I don’t instantly see them as less legitimate than the usual gloopy brain chemistry.

Well, surely, it is a chain of events, but of different nature. You can imagine it like reading from a memory, transferring information and copying it to other block of memory, say, in your NeoCom.

But it isn’t just simple block of memory, treat it as a running program. You copy it whole, with whole state your NeoCom processor were at the moment of copying when it was running, and you make new copies, and you run them from exactly the same point. All these copies will be same programs, NeoCom will open for you same identical windows, even if you didn’t close one that you have copied them from. And it doesn’t really matter if you “terminate” one which you have copied it from or not -they all will be existing.

It’s just a perfectly matched coincidence of death of old clone and birth of new one that makes it appear like a continuation of life, it’s only an illusion.

Forge several coins
Spread them all around the cluster

I’d say that it’s far from perfectly matched, actually, but that’s neither here nor there; my point is that the situation isn’t actually “coincidental,” or if “of [a] different nature,” then not neccesarily different enough to start throwing around the reductionist swears “j-st”, “-nly,” and “ill*n” without further explanation.

My dear Reiko,

I have often wondered this as well. That I was merely a copy of a better man than I. That each death I return but am I who I think I am or am I just a copy. As the years go on I wonder if I am a copy of a copy of a copy. As each new life comes does it degrade who I am? Our laws say our souls come back for each new life. Can anyone be certain?
I guess this is were faith comes in. I believe I have a soul. That as I awake either new or old I have one. I hope that each one of my deaths I am paying for the sin I had during that life and hope that the next one can be better.
It would be truly frightful to live in a world were our memories are fake. Even so I think I would find comfort in faith. If my memories were a fake then I still wish to stand for God. For all that is crazy in this world let me be judged by faith. That stripped of every memory let my life be one of service where ever I am to be placed. That is the only truth I know.
To serve as god asks. If someone is trying to pull the strings then I will allow that of god to guide me. For I am nothing but a slave to his will and no others.
My dear Reiko one of my most favorite of the Caldari warriors in the militia. If you have doubts on if it is your will or not. Be at peace with your ideals and go with what your gut says. As I have known you. I have seen none besides Diana Kim whose faith was strong in their national duty with battle honors to boot. Know who you are with your heart and not your mind.
Be not afraid but continue in duty to the state as I do for my Empire.

For the State and Empire,

It’s a brand. A style. A piece of clothing. I could, at any time, decide to shuck the suit that’s been given to me. That’s what it is, though: a suit. Different suits sewn by the same machine with parts being replaced. It’s an agreement and understanding that while they’re not the same piece of clothing, wearing it is not only in my best interest, but ideal.

I can’t predict the future. If I could, I’d have made sure a lot of bad things didn’t happen to a lot of people. All I can do is make sure I live in a way that, a dozen years from now and several clones later, that Charles can look back and say that he is, indeed, still Charles.

To answer this… if I was required to, then yes, it would be unjust. But it’s my choice, and one I make gladly. Somebody has to take responsibility, no? (Sorry for the late reply.)

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