We are all spies

Not sure of the best place on the forums to post this, so posting it here. ISD’s feel free to move it if necessary.
Here is a little something I wrote. It’s an unofficial explanation of alts and multiboxing. Feedback welcome.

Citizens of New Eden. I am speaking to the common people of the four empires. My name is Tengu Grib. I am an immortal Capsuleer. I am an Agent of the New Order, a Knight of the Code, and a Cardinal of the Diocese of the Pope of New Eden. There is a secret that we Capsuleers have kept to ourselves for a long time. We are all aware of it, but the vast majority of the common people of New Eden are not.
Everyone knows that when a new recruit becomes a Capsuleer our birth bodies are euthanized and our consciousness transferred into a clone which was grown with the implants necessary for Capsule operation already in it. Everyone knows that when our clone dies, our consciousness is transferred to a new clone and we are born again. This is common knowledge.

What is not made public knowledge is that we are not limited to only inhabiting a single body at a time. This is our dark secret. A secret which I am now sharing with you for reasons I shall not reveal.
We learned a very long time ago that when a new recruit completed their training and was ready to become a Capsuleer we had an opportunity; We could upload our own consciousness into their body and simply delete theirs, providing us with an additional, nearly untraceable, clone identity. This allows us to inhabit multiple bodies simultaneously, each of which is independently immortal, but all connected. I cannot tell you how odd it is to be simultaneously inhabiting bodies of both genders, but you get used to it. I won’t go into the details, but many of us have learned to operate several clones simultaneously, and a few of us regularly operate dozens of clones.

This technique creates a unique opportunity for us; We can become anyone. We can infiltrate our enemy’s organizations and they are never the wiser. When a clone’s identity has become compromised we can even sell that clone to the highest bidder and allow them to replace the consciousness in it with their own.
The various intelligence communities of Capsuleer organizations are very much aware of this tactic and go to great lengths to look for subtle connections between prospective members and their enemies. It’s a difficult task, but they have become rather good at it. Not perfect, but rather good.

The dark secret is that many of the recruits that your families have sent into the Capsuleer program did not survive graduation, we took them and killed them to add to our power. We destroyed their minds and stole their identities. We made them an extension of ourselves to serve our purposes.

I am not Tengu Grib, but I have become him. I have many names, so many I sometimes forget my first.

We are Capsuleers, we are immortal, and we are legion.

Praise James o7
Tengu Grib
Agent of the New Order
Cardinal of the Diocese of the Pope of New Eden


Ugh… I’m drawing a blank on the name but there was one character like this in the novel series. He would use multiple clones and was the one who actually crashed the super carrier into the station by taking the body of the originally selected capsuler. Now I need to go read the books again.


I’ve never had the opportunity to read the books. Would love to sometime.


Thou who inhabit more than one clone at a time are sinners and wilt burn a thousand fires.

Praise Bob
F* james


We all burn in a thousand fires. Not sure about you but across all my clones I’ve died hundreds of times. I’m working towards thousands.
Don’t pretend you don’t make use of this too! You can try to pretend you don’t but I can see through your deceit!


While you destroy the mind of your new host, some of us prefer to develop a synergistic relationhip with them, only taking actions with their consent, and never using more than one clone at a time.

Yes, our capsules explode and we all burn hundred and thousand times, but when sinners minds burn they begin to melt together, becoming always less than they have been, slowly bonding different clone minds and ultimately exposing yourself as spies.

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I don’t trust others enough to rely on their individual talents. I’d rather supplant their talents with mine. At least that guarantees their loyalty. But yes, it can make it more difficult to keep the identities separate and risk of exposure is there. It only takes one slip up and the counter intelligence units will have enough to satisfy their rampant paranoia and have you black listed.

Make sure to wear your spacepants and you’ll be fine.


That is not loyalty, that’s obedience, much more easily broken than loyalty.

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I do hate traitorous clones.

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Goes by the name “The Broker”.

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Thank you!

He also didn’t use multiple clones in the way you’d think he does. He had his customized clone bay stuff and changed the way he looks through facial resculpting.

He was also a Vitoc addict.

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So basically the Tok’ra as opposed to the Goa’uld.

I can’t say I did not took inspiration from that fact :slight_smile:

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Nice necro posting… Too bad I only noticed after the gif posting above…

And oh my, I actually posted in this thread 5 months ago! Maybe should have read the first post after all, then I’d have noticed that it is familiar :grimacing:


I thought threads auto-lock after 3months of innactivity.