Collections and Trophies. What unique items do you have around?

My forum picture here and in game… even ISD Dorrim has one.

Ahh, the elitist monocle-owners strike again, brimming with superiority and self-importance, shoving their coveted monocles in our collective faces… scum!

At any rate, there are capital ships in highsec! Left over after the rule change forcing all of them to low/null. Maybe someone will post a screenshot of theirs. One guy famously mines in highsec in a dreadnought. I’d like to see someone try to bump him, ha!

I’m holding onto my Widow, it will soon be rare :sob:

The Veldnaught is a popular attraction in Amarr.

Victor Emblem. Should be rare enough to count.

The Museum if New Eden holds a lot of special and rare items. It is always looking to buy and add to the Exhibits. If you have something interesting,Old and/rare please feel free to give me a call drop me a mail or knock on my door at anytime. TY and HUGS.

Dark blood tracking disrup i own willing to sell

Lucas you know me Call me in game about untagged faction mod.

I have a lot of rare items but nothing particularly rare. I went through a stage of crashing cosmos and epic arcs and have some of the end game items.

Christer Fuglesang’s Medal

I have to say I have quite a few rare items form my oh so many years playing EvE. My most memorable ones are the complex fulerene shards, blood drops and epidermis layers form an event waaay back where a guy was split almost down to the atom and we had to team up and gather as much of him back as possible :slight_smile:

When you unpack the Zephyr, it automatically includes the Iris probe launcher. It’s the same with the CONCORD Echelon and its Sansha Purloined data analyser.


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I have Tomb

I have a number of collectors items:
Large rigged subcaps.
Large rigged caps.
Double bubble Sabres and Heretic.
CCP corpses, including a GM and ISD corpse.
Multiple Mine BPOs.
Cruise Missile Manticores.
Legacy-fit Lokis.
Legacy-fit Armageddon.
Perpetual Motion Unit II
I have a few other things floating around in various locations. One of these days I have to consolidate them all.

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