How rare is the Zephyr?

How rare is the Zephyr and should it have a higher value as a collectable?

From Eve Market Helper, there were a total of 56 Zephyrs on the market for the entire Eve.

Considering there is no blueprint (right?) what would be the value of this ship as a collectable?

Or would this not qualify as a collectable ship?


It’s not manufactured anymore, but a lot were given out. I’d say it’s a collectible.

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I just logged in and purchased one, thanks looks like a sail boat for space.

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me to
i think this guy is scamming us lol

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Did you also buy the Prototype Iris Probe Launcher from a contract 6.5M? =) I did.

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Jita is flooded with them…

no, i bought a leopard , since the theme of the night was to buy useless ships but , lets do it now


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I can’t stop just purchased another one just in case I lose the first one I got.

Are these selling like hotcakes now?

I have all 4 of the pirate noob ships, they’re not for sale.

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Pretty low. It was given to everyone subscribed at the time so supply is huge, and it’s an utterly useless trophy ship that never undocks so demand outside of dedicated collectors is nonexistent.

Repackage and re-assemble, a free prototype launcher.

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It’s a risky investment. Not only is the volume sold very low, meaning you don’t earn very much over long periods of time, but there’s also a chance that the zephyr will be re-released. Most of the other freebie items, geckos, leopards etc. have been re-released, so it’s entirely possible the zephyr will also be re-released.
If you want to invest long term, invest in things that people paid CCP money for like the interbus shuttle, or for prizes given out during tournaments like the AT ships, the luxury yacht or the pax east pirate corvettes. Although the demand is low for most of these, at the very least it’s less probably that CCP will re-release them, meaning eventually given enough time you’ll make a profit from them.

I’ve used one of mine to shuttle around once or twice.

The Zephyr is mostly intended to explore wormhole space since it won’t be targeted by Sleeper Drones.

CCP first released the ship in Winter of 2009 and then later released it again in Summer of 2013 as a prize for The Sanctuary Tourist Contest.

It’s not really practical with no scanning capabilities. Most practical use for it is I guess checking anomalies for timed spawns with our risking your ship.

I’ve always liked ol’ Zeph…of limited usefulness, but beautiful and appealing somehow…

me and her, good times:


Actually brother, it’s an exploration ship - as quoted by CCP:

And here‘s what makes it unique: It has it‘s own special probe launcher (for wormholes) and Sleeper NPC‘s won‘t shoot it in the same way that all NPCs won‘t shoot pods. While flying the Zephyr is as easy as a shuttle, using the launcher will require some core probes and training of the skill Astrometrics to level 1. You can find both on the market or get the Astrometrics skill book by doing EVE Online: Dominion‘s new exploration tutorial.

And, now with the new Scanning Guide tutorial video, you’ll find using the Zephyr for exploration even easier.

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I completely forgot it even had a probe launcher. I thought that was just the echelon. Shows how long it’s been since I assembled one of these.


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Yeah, the Echelon is another one of those limited special release ships. It was intended to be used in Sansha Incursions as a Hacking ship with it’s Purloined Sansha Data Analyzer.