SOLD Zephyr and Iris prototype launcher

I want to sell 2 Zephyr with iris prototype launchers.
400M per package (ship plus Iris). Please reply here or write in game mail to this char if you are interested.

Both are still available to buy

Reduced the price by 50M per package.

Both are available

Reduced the price to 400M per package

Why would anyone take you up on this? a zephr can be bought for 200m from jita market, and the prototype iris launcher is automatically fit to it whenever it is unpackaged

Hi Ankar, many thanks for explaining the mechanics. I was doing a hangar cleanout and have two Zephyr and two launchers lying around. Saw a contract for the bundle for 600M and setup this Sale announcement. Will close it now and then sell the Zephyrs as suggested the next time in Jita.
Thanks again for the feedback and the information you provided. In case you are interested in the Zephyr(s) drop me an in game mail and I can setup a contract for current Jita buy (195M at the time of writing this message).

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