How rare is the Zephyr?

Now I kinda wanna bum around wormholes in a Zephyr (until someone pops me of course).

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Yeah, since it’s immune to Sleepers, it should have been immune to probe scans as well.

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Remember that sleepers in wormhole space are ignoring it.

Damn, got beaten to it.

Zephyr was the name of the CEO of the legendary m0o corporation. It’s an honour.

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Still have some of these, and some Echelons and Primae…

The Zephyr might have been inspired from the ‘Solar Sail Boat’ in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode called ‘Explorers’ which premiered on May 8, 1995.


Major Tom flies a Zephyr, and occasionally visits, but somewhat difficult to scan down.


It is completely worthless exploration ship, but looks nice.

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It’s kind of like the Echelon, a collectible ship mostly with limited use. I think it’s worth having one at least.

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A nice ship, for ship spinning in Jita.

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While suspect.

Unless you meant station spinning.

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Isn’t that the same thing?

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Well we could flag suspect and spin in safety inside a station or we could … undock as suspect and try to make a full rotation.

" Lorber : If you are trying to focus on a task, but your hands are busy doing something else, it actually forces your brain to increase your efforts to focus on the task at hand. That’s how an ADHD mind works.

The prefrontal cortex is the ‘office manager’ of the brain. That part of the brain in those with ADHD has become ineffective in organizing information, inefficient in focusing.

If they are playing ship spinning , or tapping with a pen or a pencil, it automatically forces their brain to work harder. The brain has to put more effort into not being distracted.

People with ADHD who tend to be hyperactive—not all are—would have the most benefit from ship spinning. They have excess energy to begin with. It gives them an outlet to get that ship-ness out of their body."

some expert online

You guys need to up your imaginations.

The Zephyr has a very particular color scheme, one light side and one dark side (plus that moving plasma effect on the sail, but I digress). If you wanted to try something really wacky, the zephyr is perfect for a “synchronized swimming” type team action, like for a show. A group of pilots coordinating their ship’s movement solely for entertainment purposes. It’s the only ship in New Eden that could even attempt something like that.

Plus the Echelon is excellent for scanning structures for timers. It has a bonus for that.


I got one parked right next to that oddball hacking ship they gave out before incursions.

you should also have a miasmo quafe ship :slight_smile:

About as rare as Tritanium…

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