Collections and Trophies. What unique items do you have around?

I know we all collect ships and skills, no doubt. But are there unique items you have, things you think are neat? Maybe special items most players have never seen before? Or just every day things you hoard for your own personal reason. I know players that wont fly without exotic dancers and others who collect frozen corpses (not implying they are related.) When I first started I kept scientists, civilians and marines on board in an attempt to have a crew. Now I just fly with genetically enhanced livestock, they make better conversation.

So what do you got? Screen shots please!

I have some ships with old rigs (large rigs on medium ships).
Drake with 8 fitted launchers,

A Bookmark in Polaris.

Owned by the elite few…


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How is that ship ? I always liked ship that use solar winds to move around, must be nice to look at.

Picture please?

It was interesting. Small and with bonus to be ignored by sleepers (and/or regular NPC). At first i have had an idea of baiting people in WHs.
Looks like its bonuses went unused by players.

I have some melted snowballs. I dont have the launcher.

Well, the market sell it for like 46 millions ISK, according to EVE Market Data. Couldn’t find any entries for the Prototype Iris Probe launcher tho :confused:

I have some Anaconda Mines From 2003 that got banned from game very quickly after people used to lace every asteroid belt with them.

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The Zephyr was used by wormholers to make bookmarks for site-running back in the day. I’ve also used them to get loot from a wreck inside an escalated anomaly.

Yea, but what happened then? Why did it stop?

Enyo with LARGE rigs …


and an Ares with Large rigs :slight_smile:


Do tears count?


A Cobre Mine BPO

Limited amount of ships, CCP changed the site mechanics.

Trench Coat!

Zephyr, that not-porpoise thing. Several leopards, that quafe industrial (not a skin), some rare-ish clothing.

Picture of Tears please? Is that a consumable?

I love your responses, all of them. Really neat items!

I have some Harlots, Don Rico’s Head, and a few other oddities lying around.