EVE's rarest items

YouTube’s algorithm recommended a video about WoW’s rarest items to me, even though I never even played WoW, but of course “The Algorithm” knows best so I watched it and found it interesting.

It made me wonder… does EVE also have these kind of secrets? I mean, some extremely rare items that spawn once a month/year in just one system or some hidden cargo box that’s not marked on any map with some unique item in it, items that are no longer available unless you already have them etc.?

Oh, and before anyone asks why am I interested in junk like this - yes, I’m Minmatar :wink:


AFAIK the only things that are truly rare are alliance tournament stuff and generally stuff that doesn’t spawn anymore.

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EvEs rarest item is a Null Sec player who has spent over a decade telling people to HTFU and who is not now crying like a baby over the Black Out.

There are rumors they exist but no one has ever seen one.


Eve has plenty of limited edition items: ships, (discontinued)modules, BPCs (and BPOs), lore items, vanity items, etc.

For example Raven State Issue used to be a common ship long time ago. Last time i heard of it - there were only 2 or 3 of them left in the game in the hands of collectors (@Entity).


You mean a “common” tournament VI ship.

Erotica 1’s Frozen Corpse might just be the rarest and most valuable item in the game.

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There’s a fair number of items, which are limited in quantity.

Like the left gold monocle. I think there’s 8.

Or the emergency responder stratios. I think there’s 1.

That kind of thing.

Some started off rare, some became rare through attrition (though they were pretty rare to start with. like 50 total)

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the loot that drops from the mysterious shuttle… so rare no one has ever seen it yet

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rarest item for 2019 is content lol ccp are removing it all

luckily content is an item that players can manufacture themselves…

Federate Megathron



Balance and logic are truly the rarest items in all the game.

I have a tippia corpse

Also, inb4 the entity shows up and spoils the fun

The federate megathron i think is still the rarest item in the game unless otherwise mistaken.
Only 1 exists

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I kick myself for choosing “Wreckage” instead of “Drone” tattoos from the EVE 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition set.

Heard about a “Guardian” vexor that can fly more than 5 drones. Not sure how true this is though. Someone feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.

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Some items that used to be obtainable from missions, not as rewards, but as items you hand-in to complete the mission, etc, can be quite rare. Especially if those missions have long since been removed from the game.

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Yeah, like the various different Ship’s Log messages that Pirate NPC’s use to drop as loot, I still have a small collection of those left sitting in station.

Or like Christer Fuglesang’s Medal gained for completing one of two different Concord missions to increase Security Status. I wonder how many of those are still in the game.

I remember after the SOE Epic Arc was first implemented into the game, for a while there were a couple of Level 1 missions that dropped: Smuggler’s Warning About Sister Alitura

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