What is the most expensive thing in game

(Yakuza Yubitsume) #1

either market or contract value.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #2

Um… Individual item… Probably an Alliance tournament ship, guardian Vexor, gold magnate, or titan.

If combine, Titan with all officer mods and T2 rigs.

And this excludes the scam items that are purposefully over priced.

(Mina Sebiestar) #3


(Lady Ayeipsia) #4

Nah, this is EVE, those things are a dine a dozen.

(Siegfried Cohenberg) #5

A mining permit apparently. Many people will refuse to pay 10m but would much rather lose 10b+ freighters.

(Dyver Phycad) #6

Keepstars. 300B.

(Big Lynx) #7

Costs more than anything else ever will.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #8


(Dark Engraver) #9

Raven state issue,megathron federate issue,tribal issue tempest,armageddon imperial issue

(Uriel the Flame) #10

Stats & info: https://eveinfo.com/item/40340/upwell-palatine-keepstar/

(Nana Skalski) #11

Do you want to buy it? I think I have it. Its worth more than Palatine Keepstar for sure. :smirk:

(Salvos Rhoska) #12

My corpse.

My enemies will pay trillions to fiddle with my dead diddle.

(Whitehound) #13

Alliance Tournament ships, which were given out as prices to the winners, are among the highest priced items.

Then it’s probably characters, which are traded on the character market, super capitals and structures.

(Dark Engraver) #14

AT ships are not that expensive a good cruiser is maybe 200-250bil now I think last state raven sale was 2 trillion

Entity owns alot of goofy 1 of a kind things unless I’m mistaken the only federate issue megathron

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #15

The new lack of AT’s might change that.

This’ll be the last one unless something changes :frowning:

–Sad Gadget

(Dark Engraver) #16

Only if 49 out of 50 in existence blow up for 1 ship type

(Pix Severus) #17

How much ISK would a maxed-skill character sell for on the Bazaar?

(Whitehound) #18

But this is also the problem with it. The more elusive an item is, the more it will cost, until it’s no longer available and any price tag becomes imaginary. It’s almost like Heisenberg’s uncertainty principal if you know what I mean.

Since OP asked, what is the most expensive thing in game, might another answer be: territory. The fight for territory is among the highest priced things in game. It can cost players everything.

By the way: seeing a botter and RMTer getting banned is virtually priceless.

(Arthur Aihaken) #19

Palatine Keepstar.

(zluq zabaa) #20

@Yakuza_Yubitsume I can’t say it here, but there is an item worth more than anything else in game. It cannot be sold on the market, only with contracts. You can’t search it in contracts. It’s very powerful and unique. Hit me up in-game if you are seriously thinking about an acquisition like no other.