Most expensive item sold?

What is the most expensive item ever sold through the market interface?
I repeat, through the market interface. Not contracts or third-party.

I have no idea.There are plenty of titan sales in market history, which is odd since they cannot dock? The market history seems to hold a record of a Revenant sold, but it is a messed up data point.

I’d say Jump Freighters at a quick glance, with all of them just above 8bil isk, the Rhea in particular for over 9bil, but browsing around for answers some people suggest an Estamel’s Inv Field, which is not on sale according to EvE central, but there is currently a buy order of 23bill for that module, which suggests it might be Veeery expensive. There is also Estamel’s ballistic control which happen to be on sale for 11bil.

But the vets that have been on the market for longer might have a better idea for what sold for a insane amount of cash.

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Well now with Keepstars…which can have markets…and can dock Titans…you can sell ur bare hull titan on the market…

Not sure it’s has ever happened as usually people sell ships like that at least rigged and with travel fit ( i.e. Cheap T2 mods and fuel for at least 1 jump) which means contracts…

But you can sell on market :nerd_face:

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Silvershore Greatcoat, sold for 45 bn in Forge.

Wrt the titan sales, the ones that are in Forge are all from almost 1 year ago, which is odd.

If a (left / gold) monocle has ever been sold in the market, that would probably take the first price. Apparently 8 of them exist.

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Probably officer modules. Specially webs and during Alliance tournament time.

Probably an AT ship.

Seconded. I’d say some of the special and unique tournament prize ships can get pretty pricey.

True, if any have been sold that way they could take the price. So far I have not seen any in the records.

Meanwhile, we do have some Titan sales recorded at around 85 bn. If they are actual records, since citadels did come out about one year ago, and titans can potentially be sold that way.

A Cambion did sell on the market last year I think, not for the going price though ;-).

if my memory feeds me well there was Moracha listed @199 a year back.

As for this year I know potty get rid of web around 50b right upfront of AT.

Keepstar bpo? If you’re talking player owned, then a Moracha sold for 178 billion in Jita.

I didn’t track it up @ this stage, good to know.

thx Cody

With only 1 being on the market, makes you wonder why he lowered his price.

AT ships are market tradable so easily they would be the most expensive items, the catch 22 is when items get that expensive people will just use contract system to avoid tax. Same goes for any slow market moving high price items like officer mods.

Technically Titans could have been sold on market before Citadels came in i guess.

There were several instances in the past (long before TiDi) when pilots got ‘stuck’ in systems (on logon) due to overloaded systems.
Usual unstuck mechanism was that pilots were moved to their clone base (if i recall correctly) uppon stuck petition. With their ship …
In some cases said pilots sat in supercaps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know of at least 2 examples in which cases pilots (likely) still sit with their Titan in a station. ( or at least did so for years) One of these ended in high-sec …

Before citadels it would’ve cost you 23 mil isk to put those titans on public contracts vs several billion to put it on the market. You could’ve relisted every two weeks for over a year and still cost way less than listing on the market.

It would have cost me 230 million to list an Erebus in Dodi for 100 billion under the old market fees. Payable once only.

Others had even lower market fees.

There is a Keepstar currently on market, wonder the % of fees paid.

How much were the fees if it sold?