Most expensive ship ever sold (v.2)

Ok, here I am again.
Now I just want to know: what is the most expensive item ever sold, in any kind of trade?

It is often said that such-and-such ship is now worth 3 T ISK or similar. But off the top of my head, none of the old ships have succesfully been sold within the past 5-6 years?

I am hardly an expert in the secret ways of the uber-rich, so my question is simply, what is in fact the largest trade that ever took place in EVE?

I personally sold a state raven for 2.3 trillion isk. It was then flown in the alliance tournament.

Oh, which year was this?

2016 AT. Bluemelon flew it for PL against Iron Armada. No idea if that was a direct purchase from Zahara as apparently (see: “Reddit speculation”) PL/Bluemelon paid 3.5T for it.

He didnt pay me 3.5 for it. Maybe some other enterprising fellas bought it from me and flipped it to bluemelon.

I’d hardly think that blue would’ve purchased it for 3.5 and then try to sell it for 2.5. I rarely consult reddit for anything.

Aye, I take everything I read on reddit with a pinch of salt. I was implying that he was perhaps the second purchase after someone already took it off you. I didn’t look too deeply into it to fact check that!

Is there a bluebook for that kind of stuff?

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