CCP Please a make Unique Ship Version of the Prospect Ship!

Dear CCP I would like you to make a Unique version ship of the Prospect ship! I want this ship to have only 5 of its kind one for me and four raffled to others one for me becuse this is my Great idea and one of my dream goals to have a unique ship in eve online! This ship would be a completely versatile version of the prospect and be good in all area’s of eve and becuse it would be so rare it would basicly be used only as a colletable ship but basicly double or triple in isk over the years in time to come! Thanks!

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Sorry about the mispells. I also ment to say collectable ship!

yeah give this guy an op prospect :smiley:
he seens cool enough


I try to be cool!

For what purpose? The first time you undocked with it, it would get insta-ganked…

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Collectable ship not to undock! Just it to be a collectable ship in invatory like the Gold Magnate!

Then it serves absolutely no purpose, so why have it?

To either show off as a cool ship! Or to not me the other 4 if wanted to sell to make alot of isk!

If you can’t undock it, then you can’t show it off to anyone. Again, no purpose…

I knew u would say that… U dont have to undock to take pictures or show off to your friends at home!

Well, by all means, you enjoy showing your friends pictures of a ship that can never be used…

Tell me y the gold magnate is in the game then or the silver magnate or other ships like that its for rarity now adays not usefulness! Its a colletable u dont take a rare toy or rare comic book out to play u collect it!

Like u dont take a rare toy out of the package u collect it!

dude the fact that you don’t wish do undock a op ship makes me consider my first opinion that ccp should give you the ship
but ill give you the benefit of the drouth for now and say they should
make good use of the ship , don’t disappoint me

Im gonna go eve is a game 4 most! Whatever makes us all sleep at night works 4 me!

no go away.
the only two special people in this game is
Chribba and space pope.
at least i think it was chribba…

No Everbody is special in eve! u go away its my chanel that I made!

they are special because they are the only two allowed to have dreads in Hisec. but not for combat.

again go away.