Does Zephyr work in the Warzone Extraction?

Just curious because the ship’s description says " Will not be targeted by Sleeper Drones".

Ooooo thats an interesting idea.

Try it and let us know how that goes. :grinning:

(In warps a Drifter, and the zephyr dies horribly.)


Drifters are not sleepers

And the Zephyr would do what with its lone high slot for an iris probe launcher and 10m cargo?


Makes a nice warp-in ship. Otherwise maybe looting a wreck but has to be really small contents

But the Agency says “Sleeper”…

yeah that is about it, it would be really nice if CCP actually made the special edition ships useful, the Zepher, the Echelon, the Primae all superb potential, all sadly lacking in any real functionality.

Consistency is not their strong suit. It probably has more to do with a specific group of ships that the Zephyr was programmed to be ignored by. They have not updated it for any of the new Drifter type NPCs even if they might be called sleepers in various places.

Currently those Warzone Extraction rats belong to new overview groups named “[no messageID: 529459]” (and different numbers for all 5 groups).

Looks like it doesn’t work.

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I tried the new site this morning, and i gotta say for sleepers, they seem to be a tad OP. not really a event that Alpha’s can do solo. seen some pretty shiney loss mails like a 1.8b tengu with prolly 90% resists across the board that got owned,

I for one dont mind a challange, but theres a huge difference between Npc’s with a challange and OP npc’s … not about to risk a 1b cruiser with fit, just to get a accelerator booster that will be worth 50m in a few days, or skins ill be able to buy for 5m

I can see ccp wanting to bring life back in this game. but their missing the concept of it in the overall picture :slight_smile:

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The last agency event was specifically targeted at alphas. The ones before that where quite easily completable by them (even if not all missions could be. All the rewards could still be gained)

It’s nice to see one geared at omegas. Although I hope they can strike a decent balance in future.

Maybe 2 or 3 types of sites with different difficulties and rewards?

No need to spend that much on a fit, just fit a solid passive shield tank & capless weapons and you’ll be golden

Yeah I spent about 18 mil…just sat there and let myself get shot at…survived easy

I ran my first site in a PVP Gila with just a invul (was off due to nuets) and 2 Extenders , it tanked a Full 3 BS wave once I killed the smaller stuff. Once you kill the small stuff you barely need any tank at all (sub 100).

If you want hard go and run a real sleeper site with Safeguards ect, Some C3 sites put out over 1K DPS and C4 over 1900 (C5s and C6s have more again), these sites are very easy in comparison.

passive drake would be enough

That Tengu was most likely not fitted for anti-Neut warfare… those sleepers in Warzone sites do have heavy neuting capabilities. If your ship (T3C in this case) is fitted to the task, you can do it with ease. I have done it with a “cheap” T2 fitted Legion, though that is still out of reach for any Alpha pilots out there

I sat an watched an alpha player complete a site (and yes he had sleepers spawn) including a Safeguard battleship in a Bellicose cruiser …

Mad props to that guy.

These sites just take some thought and effort, rather than the “push F1 get loot” utterly simplistic ones we have had previously.

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Literally any properly tanked passive shield ship of cruiser or larger can do these blindfolded. Alphas will find they take much longer due to the half million ehp of the battleships, but they do laughable dps once you kill the support ships. Just don’t go and spawn multiple waves of them at once, that can get you killed even in well tanked ships.