Lullaby: Destroy 20 Sleeper Ships?

So is the latest Agency mission a bit of a joke on us by CCP or just not for newer alts.

The way I understood it destroying one sleeper is all but impossible without some serious firepower & even then can be touch & go so are there some different sleepers out there I don’t know about or have I just got that wrong.

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My drake can tank them like a boss so the only issue I got is other players showing up and taking the kills

Which with the heavy contest for the sites it will be very hard to get it done with in 13 days.

Look at it on the bright side, day 1 and the event already brought joy upon us by showing people not to fly frigates on sleeper sites

Most specially this type of frigate.


So in summary you’re going with the “just not for newer alts” answer?

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The last event was for new players already, this event is to grab some boosters and its for vets or somewhat experienced that fly at least BCs, because for people that do some research these are sleeper sites, these guys are hard if you go unprepared.

Just not for newer alts, as well as vets that do not remember what sleepers are just like the guy that lost that ship on the killmail


You can clear these sites in a T1 cruiser I would recommend a Gnosis if you try it with Alpha skills. You will also need a ship that can fight and maintain its tank with no capacitor.


Which means you’ll be doomed if you are Amarr alpha?

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Thanks for the replies.

@Do_Little the link looks interesting, skimmed it will read his analysis properly some other time.

It’s fine that it’s for higher skilled toons just needed to know before spending too much time on it myself.

Off the top of my head with a cruiser I can perma-tank over 400 damage with less than 100 dps of my own or throw out something over 200 dps with considerably less perma-tank… so it looks like they’re probably out of my reach for now.

Can improve on that with a Gnosis of course but I just don’t feel like throwing that kind of ISK at the event right now.

So I’ll pass on this one I think :grin:

Yeah just give it a pass, these rats are harsh, they web you, warp disrupt you and neut you, the unholy trinity of unprepared victims

Besides… With how hard it is to kill the rats because of how heavily contested the sites are and the fact they don’t seem to properly despawn… Meh I ain’t doing it.

When the sites would be balanced against new SOLO pilots they would be boring for everybody else. I like the new sites because you can either do them solo in a good ship with some skills or group up and do them as a team.

It’s good properly skilled toons have been given an event, about time they had one they must have been feeling ignored by the agency up until now :wink:

That’s not really an option for the way agency events are set up, the rewards only go to one toon.

Not sure if serious :thinking:

But the statement is true.

Yes, that was excatly the feedback on the last events.

Serious :slight_smile:

Then my apologies for suggesting otherwise.

Fancy that. Reddit discusses what combo of ships beats the sites the fastest and the EVE forum complains about not beeing able to run it solo without a clue or good ship. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here?

Who’s complaining, is there another thread on this already I should have read / posted to instead of making my own?

Fit a normal tanked cruiser and kill some sleepers. Don`t flying on trashcans

If you can`t, so, this event not for you.

Your thread is fine. Totally fits this forum. And there is no 7 hours older feedback thread with 100+ post and an DEV answering to players.

Trash cans get the job done for minimal cost, it’s called cost benefit analysis :wink: depending on what the job is of course, for this event obviously none of those are appropriate.

And yes clearly I’m a scrub :blush: that aside your post looks like latent rage & tears from an Elite PvPer upset that us scrubs won’t fly something more blingy to pad his killboard to me :grin: you aren’t trying to provoke peeps into breaking rule one perhaps :smirk:

I think you have to fix your narration there?