Any cruiser there to clear C5/C6 w.h. gas sites from sleepers?

(EnZz0 Miyamoto) #1

Is there any cruiser/battlecruiser/T3 cruiser that can clear Vital Core/Instrumental Core reservoirs (gas sites) from C5/C6 w.h. sleepers?

-Vital Core has: 4x Sleepless Keeper (battleships) + 4x Emergent Keeper (frigates);

-Instrumental Core has: 4x Sleepless Sentinel (battleships).

What do you know? What do you think?

Thanks in advance.

Any cruiser there to clear C5/C6 w.h. gas sites from sleepers?
(Obil Que) #2

Not cruisers, but you can clear the instrumentals with a long range Oracle. The sleepers there can’t hit out past 150km IIRC (you can look up the stats on them). Just stay outside their range while plinking at them with your long range weapons. I think other ships like a Naga work as well. Just takes a long time. This isn’t the case for Vitals which you’ll need something a bit stronger.

(Trevor Dalech) #3

I’ve used a tengu in a blackhole c5 once or twice. It requires a lot of warp outs and is horribly inefficient. I wouldn’t recommend it.

(Shiloh Templeton) #4

No. But I think you can sig tank the BS only one with a gas mining venture.

(Mega Juggz) #5

You can bomb the battleships in instrumentals. It takes 22ish bombs.

I want to try a vital with a bomber too.

Keep in mind this takes over an hour but then you have free reign on really lucrative gas.

The blue loot pays for the bombs.

(elitatwo) #6

And for future gas harvesting ops, please get a Prospect. The Prospect is the only ship in EVE Online capable of gas harvesting in those sites and not explode in a fire.

You can either fit an active shield tank with a small shield booster or my favorite, use an active armor tank with one small armor rep and 2x eanm II’s + damage control, battery and afterburner.

(Balanah) #7

Not cruisers. A pair of Rattlesnakes do the trick. 4 Large remote cap transmitters, link augmentor in the highs. A complete set of blinged shield mods in the meds, and some DDA in the lows. Egress’s and anti-em rigs.
Add sentries and a gecko et voila!

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