What kinda Ship should i yous for C3 WH?

I live in a c3 wh with my corp. I’m looking for a ship for ratting. You can suggest other ships so others can find them more easily. but tray to suggest. skills suggestios is fine to.

this character is mainly a mining character most of my offense is in drones. i mostly only fly Gallente end ORE ships i only have 1 skill in Amarr end Caldari frigates i started training up Gallente battlecruisers. end i 0.01% skil in gunnery. i mainly goin to remove rats from gas site end ore anomalies. but if i can du som C3 combat site it would be fine to.

i planning to og for myrmidon can it kill rats in gas site en ore anomalies?

Stratios 3 neuts buffer(PvP)
Rattlesnake cruise active fit(Ratting)
Proc or Orca(Boosting)
Venture(Gas mining)
Racial DST/Blockade runner.
These are the main ships you need for a C3 and Yes a myrmidon can kill the rats but just get a rattle way more versatile. It can not run combat sites. A rattlesnake can.

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Ty for your comment. but Rattlesnake it will take all my isk also i have no combat experience. so Rattlesnake will not be my first choice after all ( don’t flay vat you can’t afford to lose) but ty for the suggestions

Try a phantasm

For a C3, a Myrmidon is a good inexpensive BC for soloing content. With lower skills it will be very slow but it should be easily survivable as long as you do your research. Remember that sleepers do not scram, but they do infinipoint. So while you can’t warp away you can MJD out, might save you a few hundred million ISK.

Eventually, as Niquid said, you will want to get into a Rattle. But a Myrm can help you get to that point.

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