Gas harvesting

(Pur3Bl00D) #1


looking to setup a wh gas harvesting operation, as it will be a Mostly afk operation i suppose i need lots of cargo space. i am only looking for the top gasses in order to make most isk, are those available in wh found in low sec? and what ships should i deploy?


(Ember Fireheart) #2

Top gasses are only from c5 and c6 but they are guarded by very powerful rat’s which you will need to clear first with a maruader, unless your really good at kiting and want to kite tank the rat’s while harvesting.

(Daoden) #3

Really. Your admitting you want to afk in j space?

(Pur3Bl00D) #4

i tend to afk while mining, ratting in a VNI with my 2 chars while i am active on my main. Whats the big deal?

(Mac-Gregor) #5

No local for a start.

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(Pur3Bl00D) #6

well the idea is that high level gas will be profitable enough to mitigate any losses, should i go with a mammoth?

(Daoden) #7

If I catch you I j Space, I will sit there and point you and force you to self destruct

(Mac-Gregor) #8

And what if you get caught in few first cycles? One stealth bomber or any covop cloak ship can watch you for hours.

Consider learning bit much how survive in wh and how people find their prey there since afk there is worst idea.

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(Pur3Bl00D) #9

a t1 mammoth is what? 800k? what i want to find is how much is a cargo hold full of medium to high lvl gasses, since the top ones are out of the question since they are in c5,c6 and guarded by many rats like my m8 said. Also very important is the size of each of the “clouds”, will i have to switch constantly to the mining char to activate the harvester on a new cloud?

(Mac-Gregor) #10

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(Pur3Bl00D) #11

on lower than c5 wh’s are the rats guarding the gas sites easier than the rats on a combat site of the same wh? anyone know, thinking of going in a combo BC and venture. load them both up in a mammoth and go around low sec looking for C3-C4 in 0.5-low sec. The BC will not have any rigs on to be able to repackage.

(Shiloh Templeton) #12

If you really want to do this then use an astero or cov-ops ship to do your scanning (you will do a lot of scanning). If you find a good system come back in ventures.
Do a google search for “rykki’s guide” and look at the Gas tab to see how much value is in the gas site and how tough the rats are.
It hard to catch a venture paying attention in a gas site if you position your ship properly as the gas cloud will decloak anyone coming for you.
The best isk is in Vital Cores & Instrumentals in C5/6 space. You have about 15-20 minutes before the rats show up. It might be possible to sig tank the one that is BS only rats.

(Kaivarian Coste) #13

Cytoserocin gas in low sec is worth about the same as C5/C6 wormhole gas, so you may not need to setup a wormhole operation if all you want to do is mine gas. IIRC, cytoserocin is found in level 3 gas sites in low sec, and each site contains 5000m3 volume of gas, so all you need is a Venture with gas cloud harvesters and a core probe scanner. You can fit two rangefinding array in your mid slots if your probing skills are low. With max skills and quick probing, you can make between 50m-100m isk/hr from semi-afk mining.

(Alistair Atreides) #15