WH gas harvesting

I’m doing some gas harvesting in various WH. I have a setup with a venture and i keep a BC close to kill the rats. It’s worked so far.

Question i’m asking myself is how do i step this up? The prospect seems like the obvious answer, but it just doesn’t seem better.

Am i missing something?

T2 mining frigates, will do better, just change to ninja gas mining play style.

Prospect has a lot more ore hold and can fit a cov ops cloak.

max skill Venture or a prospect will harverst exactly the same way but it have a biger cargo and can warp cloack.
if you enjoy gaz harvesting and want more money from it there are severals way to do :

  • max skill your venture (mining freg V and gaz harvesting V)
  • switch to prospect
  • dive deeper, look for C320 or any high value gaz
  • use some long range ship to clean harder sites (cerberus, oracle, raven…) or learn to Jedi huffing with prospects
  • ad more accounts in venture/prospects
  • ad a gnosis with mining link + 5 harvester
  • drop an athanor in a low class WH
  • make reactions (realy easy to skill)
  • produce T3c or t3d (require an insanely high amount of SP)
  • roll yourself in ISKs

there is some tools to help :


The best way to up your income is to switch the BC into another gas mining ship. Then just move to another gas site when the rats show up (assuming you aren’t doing this in your own WH). Next best way is to seek out the best gas sites - Instrumentals & Vital Cores in C5/6 space - but don’t try to kill the rats in those sites because you’ll die.

Stepping up?

Then try using C4 for home base. Find one with C2/C5 static. C2 have easy access to a WH with Highsec static. C5 for the yummy gasses.

Home base? is this means citadel? Must maintain and def isn’t it?

No, you dont need any structure. What I suggest you is being homeless in your home system.

Simply use boatload of alpha accounts log off in a Miasmos. Drop the gasses in a safe spot, log in using that alpha storage miasmos, take the gasses, then safely log off. Next day, your static will end up in the new C5 with its new yummy gasses. Only store the expensive gases in Miasmos.

Scan the C2 daily and when you found C2 with HS static (63-ish% chance IIRC), took out all of your gasses from miasmos and take them out the hole USING VENTURE. So you are more nimble, slippery and easier on WH masses.

This means, boatload of alphas in miasmos, huge number of bookmarks to dodge hunter, and a main toon in a venture/prospect if you omega. Oh yeah, also with another three alpha scout in Sunesis (for the scanning bonus) in case you get ambushed and podded out of the home system, so you can have find ways to get all those toons back to your home system. This way, its gonna be hard to evict you out of the hole.

You can use alpha since gas huffing skill in open to alpha, but Omega gonnabe better because the Prospect. So you can halve the time hauling stuff back to HS with double ore capacity than Venture. Also, the fact that it has covops, so you could also use C2 lowsec static WHs as hauling route, which is quite large number of them (26%ish chance). The extra gas mining yield is just a nice bonus.

But the end game for gas huffing isnt the C4, its actually C2. There is C2 with Nullsec/C6 static. Super Rare, from thousands of WH, its just 20-ish of it. You gonna need your corpsmates, structures, jump freighter to haul, list of numbers to bat phone in case you home being attacked. Totally different level.


Well, a BC could mount a single mining burst (deduced cycle is the obvious candidate) or a shield burst for more defense. Also add some RR on the BC. Might be restricted if you using a BC without aux high-slots.

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