WH gas harvesting

I’m doing some gas harvesting in various WH. I have a setup with a venture and i keep a BC close to kill the rats. It’s worked so far.

Question i’m asking myself is how do i step this up? The prospect seems like the obvious answer, but it just doesn’t seem better.

Am i missing something?

T2 mining frigates, will do better, just change to ninja gas mining play style.

Prospect has a lot more ore hold and can fit a cov ops cloak.

max skill Venture or a prospect will harverst exactly the same way but it have a biger cargo and can warp cloack.
if you enjoy gaz harvesting and want more money from it there are severals way to do :

  • max skill your venture (mining freg V and gaz harvesting V)
  • switch to prospect
  • dive deeper, look for C320 or any high value gaz
  • use some long range ship to clean harder sites (cerberus, oracle, raven…) or learn to Jedi huffing with prospects
  • ad more accounts in venture/prospects
  • ad a gnosis with mining link + 5 harvester
  • drop an athanor in a low class WH
  • make reactions (realy easy to skill)
  • produce T3c or t3d (require an insanely high amount of SP)
  • roll yourself in ISKs

there is some tools to help :