Soo is there any NEW Guide how to mine gas?

soo is there any NEW Guide how to mine gas?

this forum is full of stupid outdated ■■■■
do THEY plan to remove old outdated ■■■■?

or digging the ■■■■ is Important Part of Gameplay?

I was not aware there had been major changes to gas mining, but then I don’t do it.

People will be shortly to mine the salt.

  1. Undock
  2. Scan signatures
  3. Huff the gas
  4. stonks?

Only change to gas mining was that some of the low sec gas is no longer region/constellation locked but purely random spawned. Still. No idea how that makes old guides outdated. Especially since probably 99% guides cover wormholes. And that wasn’t changed.


Wormholes are fun, just for the roam and aptmosphere. Nip in, huff some gas, nip out.

I have no problem with wormhole gas miners just doing that, I won’t engage them, I see no challenge or fun in it tbh. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve took a risk helping players out of a WH if I have a BM to a HS exit.


that is what i call “forum is full of ■■■■”

no any answers, zero information, stupid girs tell us what stockings they like to wear

ok my expirience says Venture with T1 gas is the same as barge with whatever.
all stupid tables show fake advantage for covetors

also - if you dig gas in the WH, and do not have plans to kill NPC,
so you do not care about residue, use t2 gas sucker,

Covetor is faster than venture with T2 harvesters. T1 barge harvesters just suck ass for some reason.

Fun fact: syndicate gas scoops increase yield, while ORE gas harvesters do not.

At any rate, the main mechanics of gas harvesting haven’t changed. Only difference is that mykoserocin is more widely available and in demand. So you don’t have to show up two months later and insult everyone because there’s no need to write a new book on gas mining when the old one is just fine.


i tell you some secrets…
there are Many Changes in gas mechanics…
for now there are Shitload of Gas in low sec,
and people want to harvest gas, not to produce “residue” (yes it is high demand and expencive)

and i dont need any “abstract advices”… if you dont know ansvers, dont bother to produce sensless texts.
Internet is full of that

All right.



just found couds and decided to RECHECK it again

only T1, because i dont want to produce “residue”

venture 20m3 for 22seconds (or 100m3 for 110sec)
hulk 100m3 for 104sec

sooooooo… Huge Expencive Hulk is kinda 4% faster than venture…

Covetor is 100m3 for 119sec wow it is worse than omega venture

alpha venture is 20m3 for 24sec – or 100m3 for 120sec yea… like covetor

you do realize ventures can only fit gas cloud SCOOP
but mining barges and exhumers can fit gas cloud HARVESTERS

equip harvesters to your barges and exhumers and do the math again

He’s got that figured out. The issue is that t1 barge harvesters are ass. T2 harvesters are significantly better, but he’s too busy whining about waste and being too poor for faction to figure that out.

another idiot gives me advice

… and it is part of gameplay process

Sounds like you figured it out on your own. So write the guide. Oh, but that’s not your job? Thenquit complaining about there being no guides . CCP don’t need to release a guide when you can figure it out yourself. You figured out a Venture does it better than a barge? Good for you, use a VVenture.

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BUT!!! The Rorqual was promoted to be the ultimate mining machine! Can’t I at least whale on gas? There’s even a crab spider gas site, yet I can’t spider crab it?

On a more serious side, there’s an introduction on gas sites in the exploration career agent tutorial quest chain that can be accessed through the agency. In fact, it’s been around for a few years already, but gas huffing hasn’t really changed… other then the highly neccessary and long awaited renaming of the “gas cloud harvester” module to “gas scoop”

what is the output for them

they just need to take subscription $$$

Yeah, that is what they need to do. To you know, keep the game running and keep developing it. If you don’t like it, too bad, you can play literally for free.

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