Soo is there any NEW Guide how to mine gas?

soo is there any NEW Guide how to mine gas?

this forum is full of stupid outdated ■■■■
do THEY plan to remove old outdated ■■■■?

or digging the ■■■■ is Important Part of Gameplay?

I was not aware there had been major changes to gas mining, but then I don’t do it.

People will be shortly to mine the salt.

  1. Undock
  2. Scan signatures
  3. Huff the gas
  4. stonks?

Only change to gas mining was that some of the low sec gas is no longer region/constellation locked but purely random spawned. Still. No idea how that makes old guides outdated. Especially since probably 99% guides cover wormholes. And that wasn’t changed.

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Wormholes are fun, just for the roam and aptmosphere. Nip in, huff some gas, nip out.

I have no problem with wormhole gas miners just doing that, I won’t engage them, I see no challenge or fun in it tbh. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve took a risk helping players out of a WH if I have a BM to a HS exit.