Wormhole Gas Covetor fits?

So I can’t fly barges just yet, and have only recently started doing some light gas huffing in mostly null-sec/wormholes. Just sampling gameplay.

With the new update it seems like my little T2 Scoop Venture is no longer faster, and that a Covetor with T2 Gas Harvesters not only has a bit more capacity, but will pull in more gas/hour.

Of course a Covetor is considerably more expensive than a Venture… But I’m just wondering what type of fits would be recommended to gas huff in wormhole sites?

Since D-Scan is one’s best friend in wormholes, I’m wondering if fitting Nanos or other agility type modules would be better than tank ones. Being able to align quickly when sleepers appear or players show up in D-Scan might be better? I can’t MWD/Cloak for travel right?

After all, if I get caught at a gas site, nobody is coming to help me…

With all this in mind, I’m curious what would make a solid “in-and-out” Wormhole Gas Covetor… that’s not too expensive since every now and then I’m sure it’ll get popped.


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