WH Rat Behaviour

Hey fellow capsuleers.

So sitting on a gas site, with two alts.
Exactly the same distance away from the spawned rats.

The Rats took out my main profile ship, but did not target and attack my alts.

Again, all ships exactly the same distance from the recently spawned Rats.
My alts were all within 1000m of my main. One of my alts had exactly the same ship and fit as my main.

I’ve looked around but cant see why.

The only difference i think, may be my security status, but i didnt think that would affect anything in WH space.

WH rats are different. From what I believe WH rats first guard the resources you are “stealing” so they should attack the miners first. (I don’t know if all your alts were mining gas) After that WH rats go off the biggest threat to them. Drones/Ewar make them very angry.

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