Anyone got a good fit for clearning sleepers in gas/ore sites in C5 wh


I just want to ask for a good ship and its fit for clearning sleepers/rats in gas sites and ore sites in a C5 wh that I am currently living.

I am thinking about a praxis as I have one currently.

Anyone got a good fit for a praxis or a better ship for clearing the guards in these mining sites.

Thanks and Fly Safe. o7

Good luck doing it alone. It will very likely require more than one person to do it.

Well, what can you fly?
Lasers? Missiles? Autocannons? The Praxis is a swiss army knife that can do everything.

Just fit the stuff you have the best skills for and check here how much damage you will need to be able to tank.

My skills are mostly drones (which is not a good in whs) but I got good missiles skills next to drones…

I think there is only one wave of sleepers on gas sites, and that is what I want to mine.


Sig tank them.

If you are an alpha, fly a Venture to harvest gas and if Omega, a Prospect or Venture.

You don’t need to kill them and can sig tank them with an afterburner and shield booster.

by sig tank, you mean ninja mining? or another who technique

“Sig tanking” referers to the signature of your ship. Small ships typically have a small signature making it more difficult to hit than e.g. a Cruiser with a bigger signature. Add “speed tanking” to this - with an Afterburner, not, with an MWD, those increase your signature, reducing your sig-tank. And you can have an efficient way to mitigate damage. Most of the time you need an additional active tank to survive the rest of incoming damage.

I’m not sure what you mean by ninja mining. I would understand that you leave the site in the moment sleepers warp in. But as I understoond the opening post, you didn’t want to do that?

A paladin might be able to pull it off, but they’re not cheap.
I used one to solo C4 sites and clear all types of gas sites in the past.

Sure, I have cleared both Vitals and Instrumentals in a Solo Paladin. Was hairy as â– â– â– â– . Just up the tank and Cap regen over a C4 fit and you are fine.

My Fit was full rechargers in the Mids, 2X DS Reps + 2X Faction EAM + DC2. Smartbombs to Kill frigs.

I use 2X Nestors now, might not be solo but its much safer and cheaper too.

Most individual ships will be hard-pressed to survive in a C-5 site - say, Instrumental Core Reservoir - without other ships on hand to divert away firepower. Sleeper DPS is high, something like 1000 DPS with 18,952 per volley. The more ships to bear the load, the better.

For an individual, divide however much of your EHP you can afford to lose by 1100 or so, then multiply the result by your DPS. That is how much damage you will do to 1 enemy ship. Warp out, repair, and warp back to kill another; it is very hard to complete a C5-exclusive gas site in 1 ship. Ships like the Paladin will be hard-pressed for this; DPS in a C4 gas site is like 1/5 of that of a C5-exclusive gas site.

If the site you are planning on clearing is not one of the following: Exceptional, Infrequent, Isolated, Rarified, Uncommon, or Unusual Core Deposit, or Instrumental or Vital Core Reservoir, take the advice of the Paladin-users above.

no again(

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That’s quite impressive. Are there any problems when the chain of Prospects moves to a new cloud?

Pretty sure at least 1 if not both of the C5/6 Gas sites and points for Warping out is not really an option.

As for the DPS. pretty sure those Gas sites are well over 2K DPS , Alpha is very high. Any Marauder would handle them if fit for tank its just that you drop to like 20% Armor (or Shields for a shield ship) before repping up. Cap Can also be an issue but with a heavy booster or max Reg and a bit of DPS tanking its not an issue.

PS, when I said C4 fit , I meant C4 Anom fit. No need to use a Pally for C4 gas sites.

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