Lullaby: Destroy 20 Sleeper Ships?

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Fair enough… from my end that first was only meant as a question & not a complaint so I don’t see your point with the second juxtaposed against it, if you took it as a complaint then I guess I do get what you’re saying :slight_smile:

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Awful aint it :grin: there’s some real zingers in there, I think my favorite has to be this…

Panicked on a move op & warped to our POS with the overview then wondered why my own guys POS was shooting me… didn’t realise I’d warped to the wrong POS until I read the killmail :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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the site is very interesting. Tell me if I am wrong

safeguard :
BS class
neut+web @ 30km (20GJ/s)
point @ 24km
max speed 1400m/s
deals around 17DPS (if hitting my lowest res). uses phantasmata missiles + guns.
around 100k ehp . 0% res ? my wasp II dealt up to 886 damage on a smashing hit.

destr size ?
long range RR. the safeguard will remain in RR range(they behave like a pack). dispatch them before the safeguard (2-shots by my vni wasps)

frigate size ?
with web. dispatch them fast(one shot by my vni’s wasps)

I lost a vni trying to figure out how to fight them, then I shot everything starting with defenders, warden, the one I forgot, then ending with safeguard.

(K'uata Sayus) #24

Lost a Muninn, learned my lesson on underestimating sleeper rats. Did one site, no problem, tried to do another, alas…

(Abyss Azizora) #25

You can do them “seriously” AFK in a gila, or any passively tanked missile/autocannon/arty ship of cruiser and above. They output very low damage, the only risk is that they put out some rather insane neuts sometimes. (Depending on what spawns.) Even double cap batteries won’t save you when 4 neuting BS’s spawn, if your actively tanked. Be warned that some of the BS’s have around half a million ehp, they won’t be dying quickly.

(Zakarias Dahlen) #26

I’ve done sleeper ratting in C1 wormholes as an alpha clone in a Caracal. It is quite easy, just keep your range.

(Rosov Aulmais) #27

I bet they have same stats as the sleeper NPCs with the same name. The event NPCs are often reused NPCs.

(Aspecter en Welle) #28

Man, it`s VERY old stats.

(Andrew Indy) #29

Well they have the same stats bar the DPS (and maybe the active tank) . Even a very low end WH sleeper frig does more DPS that the Event site Safeguard (WH Safeguards do ~500 DPS). CCP confirmed it was mostly a copy and paste job.

As for getting points, Why bother with the sites, scan a C1 Wh, run 1-2 sites in a few minutes and you have 20 points. Very few nuets or web and no points, doable in any ship that can do the event sites.

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