Operation Wyrmslayer

Hi there,

I need some help with a strategy to quickly complete Operation Wyrmslayer (L5). It’s the only one I’m struggling with. All the information I can find is outdated and says to bring sacrificial t1 light drones to take out frigates, however carriers can’t use drones anymore.

My idea was to warp in with a pod/rookie to start spawning the mission, come back in 8 minutes with 3 large smartbombs and use those to prune the frigate swarm. Use fighters to kill the disrupting figates, etc. So pretty much the old strategy, the only things I’m wondering about are:

-are my fighters going to get completely wrecked?

-will having 3 smartbombs impact my fighter’s capabilities severely because of less fighter support units? Or is that not a concern

-how long does it take to get swarmed by the frigates if I warp in at 10km? (After pre-spawning the room)

-Is there a better ship to use all-together?

And before someone says it, I’m trying to pull the mission on the test server but lady luck hasn’t been on my side I guess, so I thought I’d reach out to my capsuleer brethren.

Kind regards.

Did you check Eve Survival Mission Reports ?


Mate it’s really easy warp in and out a frig. Wait 8 minutes for the spawn then go back in your carrier and kill the none triple named frigs & cruisers and then kill the Faction bs. Dont forget to bookmark the wreck for the faction BS and go back as you can get some really nice drops of that ship.

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Thank you gents. I actually figured it out last night. It’s not that hard.

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