Level 5 Mission - Convoy Attack (Caldari)

I’m looking to add this mission to my level 5 roster. I’ve watched some people complete this mission using a un-tanked Barghest on youtube. The guide uses sentry drones to pull the agro before taking down the freighters.

Does this still work? Is this the optimal way to complete this mission? Could someone post a walkthrough along with a fit?

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No one is going to hand feed you the data, if you’ve seen a video you’ve seen all that will be offered, the pirates running these usually lockdown the station or area, best of luck.

I know the video you speak of and that’s pretty much the only information out there. I really wanted to add this mission to my roster as well but couldn’t figure it out. I think in the video he was relying on some weird aggression mechanics that may or may not have been fixed, but I could never get them to keep aggro on my sentries.

Carrier is not an option because of the gate. I have tried two rattlesnakes and… they break. Even with every slot devoted to tank, with a near 2000hp passive recharge, it’s not enough. It definitely requires a jump drive and it definitely require sentries to tank it even from extreme range, so Barghest is the right way to go. But with how long it takes to burn down the Freighters it may not be worth it.

I’d like to try it with spider tanking. Maybe two Leshacs and go for a full clear to cut down the incoming dps quickly. No idea. Let me know if you crack this one! I think there’s less than 5 people running this thing in the entire game.

run it on the test server



i’ve solved this and worked out the mechanic. sent you a message ig.


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