How do Warzone Extraction sites work?

(Martin Corwin) #1

I warp to the beacon, but nothing happens. Can’t talk to the Quartermaster. Zero info. What gives?

(Martin Corwin) #2

Ok, this gets more confusing by the minute. I’ve found a site where the Quartermaster actually communicates. Something about searching relics, but not how to achieve such a thing. Anyways, took the acceleration gate, derped around a bit, suddenly a container spawns. But why? No idea if it was something I did…

So, looted the stuff, delivered to the Quartermaster. Got 10 points… but Agency thingy on the left side still tells me I haven’t completed a site? Did I miss anything???

(Duo Roman) #3

Containers or sleepers randomly spawns when you approach a wreck. Be careful, sleepers disrupt, web and neut.

Close the Agency window and open it again, should update.

(Tipa Riot) #4

Take the gate and bump all wrecks … and have fun. Bumping the wrecks triggers something.

(Martin Corwin) #5

Approaching the wrecks, ok. I was confused because I approached a wreck and then a container spawned at the other side of the site…

Closing the Agency window did nothing unfortunately. However, it updated after i killed a Sleeper.

Regarding that Sleeper kill mission - does any Sleeper do? Including Drifters? Or do these have to be killed inside the warzone sites?

(Duo Roman) #6

Completing a site and killing 20 sleepers are different tasks. Completing a site updates that task to me if I close the window and open it again. You have to close it, if you click in the neocom icon it only minimizes.

Yes, any sleeper, including those in wormhole space, will increase the counter.

(Forseti Valkyrie) #7

Fly in, take gate, wander to each can until one magically shows on grid… take loot and move to next system so that the site never despawns. MUAHAHAHAHAAA!! CCP logic FTW!

(Duo Roman) #8

It does despawn if container is looted and no one is on the site anymore.

(system) #9

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