CCP - Can you please speed up the decay of finished Warzones

(Tanaka Seiko) #1

I might have been unlucky, but I quit for today after running around whole Universe just to barely find 20+ already finished Warzones and NOT A SINGLE ONE that was unfinished.

On my way back I came across ystems for the second time and those were still there (I checked were the same)

This is annoying, has nothing to do with nice minigames or whatever, just annoying.

And I strayed far… still no luck…

(Rosov Aulmais) #2

I think the game just does not mark it as “completed” for some reason.

(Cynthia Asanari) #3

Yep. It was fun the first few hours. And then it turned to absolute shite. Looks like someone didn’t consider the possibility of players hoarding those relics and keeping the universe full of empty sites.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #4

They did. And they had a fix prepared for it. But for whatever reason decided against implementation yet.

(Simeon Snowlocke) #5

Definitely annoying. There should be some discouragement for not completing - e.g., crystals only work in site they are pulled from, etc. No clue why people are hoarding them.

(Gregorius Goldstein) #6

It’s like some explorers don’t finish relic/data sites by not blowing up empty cans and the sites won’t respawn.

(Quintus Nero) #7

I only tried a few this morning before downtime, warped to warzones used Accel gate and nothing there, I have to say it’s a little confusing, the last set of opportunities worked very well, this so far is boring empty sites all morning, and is particularly confusing to new players.

(trpl shadow) #8

After DT the same ■■■■. All beacons stay unfinished. Very cool.

(Rosov Aulmais) #9

The stupid mechanic really encourages people to hoard it rather than to turn it in.

  1. You can grab the Corrupted Trinary Relics to blitz the whole site.
  2. Challenge resets every 20 hours, so if you find one Corrupted Trinary Relics while in the reset period, you got no benefit for turning it in, and you will have to spend hours finding a non-empty site after the challenge resets.

(Jedidiah Togenada) #10

Since you can get the completion without turning in the trinary, I wonder if that’s the bug. People finding a trinary (or two), but keeping it, warping out, and not turning it in. The site doesn’t despawn until something is turned in?

I’ve also noticed that I can get the completion of the site, without even finding the trinary.

I warped in as a Gila was warping out. I saw the compromised can, but decided to nose around and see if I could get some sleepers to spawn. While doing that, I got the completion. Might have been because I was in the site when the Gila turned it in, or because I hit all the locations within the site.

(Rosov Aulmais) #11

I think they already fixed this issue.
See this post:

(system) #12

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