The Agency: Knocking out Sleepers

Can anyone advise me how I can complete this mission?

I got this mission by default from The Agency, saying Knocking out Sleepers and I need to defeat enemies in the operation sites: Conscious Interruption, Drifter Interruption, or Signal Interruption.

These operation sites, are they in high sec? Must I use a probe scanner to find them? How and where can I find these operation sites to complete this mission?

Yes. They either show up as beacons or you need to scan them down.

There are 3 kinds. One is a beacon in space, appears eerywhere. Other is a scannable combat site, and third is an escalation.

For that particular mission, just find some beacons and shoot the frigs until they warp off.
Something like Vexor or T3D will work well.

Thanks, I found the sites now.

The amount of rats appering is insane. I had to escape with my destroyer.

What ship is recommended for these missions? A Vextor Navy Issue with drones?

There is a forum thread discussing fits and tactics here

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