Help required finding targets

So I’m trying to find a certain type of target in a specific situation but struggling to find them, the requirements are:

  • Target is flying a BS and in high sec
  • Running a PvE mission (any)
  • I’m able to fly into their pocket with them without being decloacked (very important) - so security missions with acceleration gates are a no go as you get decloacked usually when landing in the next pocket as you’re next to another acceleration gate.

The mission they’re running can be any missoin type, i.e. epic arc, as long as the above are all true and it’s in a set location (so don’t have to travel) and I can match all requirements as often and easy as possible.

Bonus points if it’s near Dodixie and the mission usually have blinged out ships.

Perfect example: Target flying BS with some expensive modules doing a PvE mission killing rats and there’s a set of 4 epic arc missions which can be warped into without decloaking which all run out of the same system area so it’s easy to come across the targets

The Escalation from “Minor_____ Annex” Unrated Combat Anomaly has no Warp In Gate. If you scan out this Combat Anom and wait patiently I guess you could follow them on to the Escalation and Combat Probe them.

Thanks for the response I’ve made a note of that, do you know of any missions that certain agents give out which are not gated e.g. arc ones from certain locations?

Check the epic arc guide on EvE survival or EvE uni. Maybe they mention sites without gates. But I don’t see the purpose of this, as you can’t tell what site somebody is in as outsider.

If you want to kill a selected target, then just follow around, probe and warp at 20km (not 10) to the probe result cloaked. If you land at a gate or far away, wait and try next, if you land 20km off the target … bingo, you have your gank warp in.

Also you find your targets by sitting outside a mission hub station and equipment scan every faction/pirate BS and Marauder for example. There is a lot of bling going on with mission runners.

Unless… You are a mission runner looking to find out how others might kill you on that mission?

Thanks Tipa, that helps a lot and points me in a direction to see if I can make anything from this, I’ll report back if I manage to get anywhere with it.

@Ramona, not a mission runner, looking to kill mission runners.

wink gotcha!

It would be interesting to hear of any results. It seems like mission hubs aren’t as populated as they once were. Mission running content has been neglected for a long time, and a shift towards blitzing missions and/or burners has been going on for awhile.

I suspect the best chance to find targets are if they drop MTU’s. That means they are gonna stick around in the mission for awhile. Otherwise, they’re likely not sitting still, but flying through their missions as fast as they can. By the time you scan them down, they may be heading to their next mission. Times change and it shows how linked PvE and PvP really is. Fewer players sitting around in PvE sites, can mean fewer targets, and in the end less content for everyone unfortunately.

Yes link the killmails, this is C&P after all. :wink:

If you know Lvl 4s are being run and you see a Zor wreck in local, get scanning. none of the lvl 4 zor missions have gates.

Happy hunting

you’ll have to probe out their mission pocket as it’s in a new place each mission, you can’t just wait there for them to show up.
Sitting an alt on the undock of a station that holds lvl4 mission agents and ship scanning every battleship that undocks will quickly get you a list of potential targets.
Locator Agents are also a thing.

Not sure if u want to do this much work. But it may be a way to get into pockets with Acceleration gates. Note this worked some time ago in low sec, before the Grid changes (other changes might effect how well it works).

Basically acceleration gates point to the target pocket. It is usually 30,000 km from the gate.

More times than I can count when warping to the gate from my station or POS I actually warped thru the site’s pocket on the way to the gate. (good way to see what is there 1st). With grid sizes being 256km at the time u can calculate how LOW the probability of that was happening so many times. I am not saying its the same everywhere, our pocket had many weird things in it I never found anywhere else.

In a cruiser you can make a mid-warp Bookmark as you near the end of the warp. Making it about 12,000km short of the target is easy. (with practice u can do it even farther… Its makes the BM at the next server tick so ur ship’s warp speed is a big factor - slower is more accurate). May have to do it 2-3 times to get one close enough.

Obviously this will only work if u find the same situation, that Warping to a site goes near the site pocket (it helps that grids are so much bigger), AND that it is aligned with a celestial.

Since I found this out by accident, I am not sure of the ‘rules’ for site orientation and placement on the server. But this might be something to check out. or at least keep in mind.

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