Collision model of Ships?

How does the collision model of a ship look like? Is it spherical or looks like the ship’s actual shape?

It would probably be a bit much to expect it to match the actual shape. That level of of detail would be overkill.

My guess is that each ship has a small series of spherical hit-boxes in strategic locations. That’s how I’d code it, if I were making a game like this. - But then, CCP devs probably know magic hit-box calculations that would make my head spin (and hit something), so it may well be much more complicated.

For the purposes of navigating in-game, though, thinking about it in those terms seems close enough.

I read something once that the collision model is spherical around the ship, I cannot find the post I thin kit was on the old old forums

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As far as I know the collision DETECTION model is ellipsoid / pill shape around the ship, station, or item, but certain things (asteroids for example) may have much bigger radii on the collision than their model would indicate. But it’s roughly the shape of the ship or station; you can fly between the towers of a citadel for example.

The server DOES treat your ship as a sphere with no orientation, to simplify combat calculations. Specifically, as far as the server is concerned, your ship will fly or orbit other objects while always pointed north (the turning and the pushing with the engines is a graphics illusion created by the client).

So, as the collision occurs, the collision itself is calculated as two balls hitting each other; the ships will fly off in different directions depending on relative mass and speed, but it’s impossible to hit a rod-like ship sideways on the nose and cause it to spin like a fidget spinner. You alter its flight path (and it becomes unaligned like a car going off the road), but it won’t fidget spin (stationary).

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