Combat Inty Buff: Subspace Lock

I feel like enough time has gone by and I really feel like getting ■■■■ on by the player ideas forum!

Combat inties suck ass now, I don’t need to explain why. I have a proposal to add some crazy magic to these silly bastards.

Add a new role bonus to combat interceptors: Can fit ONE subspace targeting system. (STS)

With this “Subspace Targeting System” the combat interceptor can lock you and keep lock on you through warp, off grid range and through any ECM effect. It would activate similar to a passive targeting system and restrict the ship to one locked target. The initial lock would have to take place within the interceptors max lock range. After the STS lock succeeds the target would appear to the combat interceptor pilot on his overview. He would be able to warp to the target from any range as if it were in fleet. The combat inty with this special lock would still be unable to activate any modules on the STS target unless normal rules apply (no invuln, no mid warp etc) it would only be to track a target until they left the system through docking jumping etc.

For example you locked a Battlecruiser and tackled him, he micro jumped and warped off. The battlecruiser would remain on overview as he warped and at any time the combat inty can select warp to zero to land where he is at the time. Just like warping to a fleet member in warp this would not always result on landing on top of him. The BC would need to fully land before inty could use it to get on top of him. Since the inty could see where he is warping and how close he is to landing, this would allow time for him to warp closer to a celestial nearby where the BC is landing (or directly on it) and prepare to quickly jump on him when he does finish warping. Since the STS keeps lock regardless of the BCs position this could be used to find him at a safe spot etc.

Let the flame begiiiin
I was inspired by the overview bug showing players 17AU away. Lol

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