Combat recons just got a buff

I was just thinking about it, and combat recons just got a major buff. They’re immune to dscan, and now they don’t show up in null local.

They don’t have a huge amount of punch, but they can definitely turn off active tanks pretty quickly, as well as neuter offensive capabilities of many ships.

Yay for that. I love support hulls like combat recons, and I’ve always enjoyed the thought (even if it doesn’t work in practice) of an exclusively combat recon fleet with covert cloaky T3 logistics. It’s almost a different kind of blops fleet… they can’t bridge, but they’ll be the ghosts that move almost undetected where you don’t have direct eyes on the gate.

Yeah, lots of other people figured that out in the last week too. Check out the Jita price history for Curses. :grinning:

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MM… the curse. My favourite is still the Rook. Becuase you can kind of tank and spank with that one. Throw on a DG multispectral to ■■■■ with logistics, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a ■■■■ you fleet.

Is it two weeks ago again already?

by they you mean the one right?..

really only think the rook and ofc the curse are good for this. I can think of some troll things with the minm one as well but not really something I would call viable (this is if we are talking solo)

now in groups then I want to take a fleet of Hugs out and show the love with my rain of sudden death arty rain

Turning off tanks is about all the curse is useful for. I’d say weapon disruption is good, but much like ECM it suffers from the different modules between turrets and missiles; not worth the slots, when you can just go for neuts. It certainly won’t be putting out any stellar dps, although the tank is nothing to sniff at.

Honestly, a fleet comprised on ratios of 4 rooks, 1 curse, 1 lach, 1 huginn, and 2-3 logistics (cloaky t3 so they can move with the fleet and still maintain fleet d-scan stealth) would be hilariously fun, even if an expensive welp waiting to happen. The lach would be exclusively there to scram, the huginn to web, the curse to neut.

It’d be stupid to even try, but hilariously meme-worthy if it ever killed anything above the regular trash you find roaming.

I generally find WD to be one of the more powerful E-war in the game. It is no where near as intimidating as damps or ECM and while there are mixed weapon systems out there now that missile disruptors are a thing that problem is dead. You only need one unbonused WD used well to turn a fight that would have been in the other guys favor a single bonused WD can neuter most ships and their pilots wont realize until it is to late.

I see a lot of curse pilots that go out with a full rack of dedicated or mixed WD when all you need is one of each or just one if you want to max tank (the one I recommend or you become to soft IMHO) and pick your targets. Use missile disruptor and you can cap out turrets and disrupt missiles making minmatar your only real challenge or go turret disruption and just avoid missile ships. In a small gang is where it becomes really strong because it no longer needs to bring its own tackle and I always swap those tackle mods out for WD over tank.

Remember just one tracking commuter on this thing cuts enemy tracking or range by 63.5% that is before heat after heat 76.2% a single command T3 puts those numbers at 78.3% and 93.9% these are one module (no stacking to account for) so you are cutting tracking or range by over 90% and the pilot most of the time doesn’t even realize how bad of a situation he is in

as for DPS the curse is nothing to shake a stick my solo curse ran at about 500dps

The curse could solo alot of ships, drone ships would be the hardest since your strength is neuts and WD and you cant really WD every drone.

You can’t WD drones, you can only jam them.

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