Combat scanner toon LF relaxed WH home Looking for Corp

As in the object, i’m 32 mil sp old, good scanning skills, AF, missile and gunnery ok, t3 amarr cruiser maxed out, tactical destroyer also very good, i’m looking for a chilled out wh corp, in which krab my way to pvp, i’m a family man, so RL will penetrate deep in in gameplay, so i don’t want to waste the preciuos time of the elite wh corps recruiters with my ad; if you think that your corp is a good match for my present way of life, please, step in and say hello.


How often do you play usually?

Hey Pelsona, You should lookup Shorokaze Syndicate. They’re chill and a lot of fun to hang out with. Definitely fits in with your game play style right now. Hope to see you in the discord!

RL always comes first. That being said, hit me up in game and we can talk. Thanks

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