Come one and come all! The forgotten foundation

Looking for pilots willing and able to come and grow! Brand new corp so we will be building from the ground up! Mission running, ratting and all other pve aspects of the game. Like mining? We like miners! 1.5 % tax rate to help grow corp wallet to eventually instate programs such as buy back for ore, gas, ice, and also ship replacement. Can you provide mining boosts and compression? Come on down and we will try our very best to supply Heavy Water through corp as well once we are established. Message Obi wan shanobi in game and I promise to get back with you as soon as possible! Nearest trade hub is 4 jumps away to dodixie. Possible move soon to find a station where corp office can be rented. Check out corp info in game (: send us an invite !

Update: Newly formed alliance with other corps, new activities may include Moon mining, gas , and ice! So come on down and drop an application.

Update: Now engaging in PVP activities! All fighter pilots are welcome!

  • Councilor Obi wan shanobi/The Forgotten Foundation

This is the corp we heard about!


Oh you don’t say? We are open for Recruitment with a lot of space available (;

The thing that kills joining any group is that I can’t figure out discord and constant war deccs make it a headache.

Well we won’t be going into any wars anytime soon, we are ineligible to be so. What is your issue with discord? Also I will be making corp discord server today

That’s the problem, I can’t seem to figure out how the interface works, I’ve used it before on one on one chat but couldn’t join a group.

Oh well are you using pc or mobile?

PC for sure.

Okay good lol, well if you look to your left on discord you’ll see a colom with different …well “channels” I guess. Some are text and some are for voice. The only reason I can think of that you couldn’t join one where everyone else was in, is because the moderator or server owner never made them available for you to join. Sometimes the owner of the server will lock all of there channels (or what ever they are called) for people who aren’t quick in your corp/guild/clan etc. Only thing I can think of

Still looking, send Obi wan shanobi an eve mail and I will get back with you as soon as possible!

Still looking!

Looking still!

Still looking!


Still looking for pilots to come join.

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