Comically big weapons on small sized ships

Hello everybody!

So I have this funny idea to see how much is possible to make the most disproportionate ship in terms of “biggest gun (or guns) with smallest ship”. Like mounting a howitzer artillery cannon on Smart fortwo car.

Since I’m not the most aknowledged and skilled, not the mention the richest, my possibility to experimentation is limited.

So I ask kindly to everybody in the community what is your ideas with the concept I said above.

There are some rules, however:

  1. That is possible to fit on the ship
  2. That can be turned online and can be fired at least once
  3. That the modules/implants/turrets etc. used are not one of kind

An example that I was able to make is this one, an Atron with a Quad Light Beam Laser:

On this hardpoint the turret even clip out for how much big it is:


You should have seen the old Tristan mission NPCs with Heavy Missile launchers strapped onto their hull.


I did a search on Google, lmao you mean this one?
Immagine 2024-01-01 211258
However I don’t know if is still possible to recreate this one now (look at the rules I said before). Do you think is possible to make it Dyver?

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Yes, this is the one. :joy:

No, it’s not possible because Tristans have no launcher slots. :frowning:

This sucks, let’s see if the rest of the community is able to brew some hilarious other ones.

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They used to.

From an older thread I made. Actually Usable Fits With Oversized Weapons

It looks like you’re not gonna have enough power grid left to fit 3 of them. That’s the real issue. Even when you can ‘get round’ the issue of ships having small, medium, or large fittings…you’ll almost always find that you can’t fit all your turrets.

In terms of DPS for your ISK…I have a Heavy Pulse Laser fitted Gnosis that has 1000 DPS. It actually has more DPS ( and greater range ! ) than my Phantasm with same turrets that costs 5 times as much.

Interesting. however there are two issues I found on this one:

  1. Is a 500 meters big ship, not a small one, but it can pass if…the weapons are visually big and oversized that look comical on the ship.
  2. Is a simulation, did you have a screenshot of a fitted one to see the size difference?

One thing about DPS: I don’t care how crap is the weapon performance it will be, I wish to see the size difference and how comical it looks in space or in the fitting window (not a simulated one)

just gonna toss this medium arty punisher out there, it even works in pvp (it might take a while to do anything though)


What is the biggest turret/missile launcher that can be fitted and turned on a frigate?

I thought is the heavy missile launcher, but I have doubts.

probably small or medium…

you can look at the info of a ship and it tells you the size.

Meanwhile I got the resources and skills to cook some monstrosities:

Magnate with Heavy Missile Launchers and HAMLs, it gives “come at me bro” energy:

How about the bigger cousin of the Atron ship, the Ares?

Here some eye-bleeding images of one with Heavy Launchers, this beauty fire big flying suppositories that causes a whopping 15 damage to frigates! Even the lowest rat in level 1 security missions look at this fitted frigate with deep sadness.

So big that makes makes the Quad Lasers on Atron amateurish:

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Of course I cannot not to try the HAML on such small ship, they are so big that you can mistake them for Ares additional cockpits:

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