No Power to Arm ship

I have 4 types of ships and I have not been able to load anything other than 1 Citizen 75 mm Gun on any ship. Heaven forbid I have to add another module. I have trained all the Energy Capacitor, Engineering modules to level 4 and 5. I’ve bought Battery boost modules, but unable to process them.

I don’t intend to continue playing the game if it puts limitations like this on new players. I’m obsessed with fixing this, as I love the game. HELP!!!

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Are you sitting in the ship? Skills only apply when you’re in it.

Also make sure that you are not using oversized modules.

Frigates and Corvettes use SMALL modules and weapons. 
Cruiser and Battlecruisers use MEDIUM modules and weapons.
Battleships use LARGE sized modules and weapons. 
Capitals use X-LARGE sized modules and weapons. 

I assume you are using a frigate, this means small weapons (denoted with an S in the bottom corner of the weapon system’s icon). Also, small shield extenders, 1mn afterburners.

The larger the module size, the more fitting requirements is needed. This is to stop cruisers using X-Large weapon systems and obliterating a fleet of titans (extreme example).

If you have any fitting questions, plot the name of the ship here on the forums and we can recommend appropriate fittings.

Ships can be fit for their intended role even with basic skills. If you try to fit a ship for a job it is not intended to do, you start to run into problems with cpu, power and/or capacitor. Extreme fits can also create difficulty but these are problems many players enjoy solving.

In the fitting tool you can click the save as button, copy to clipboard and then post the fit here so we can see what you’re trying to do and offer advice.

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What ship are you fitting? We can help you fit that if we know…

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You’re not going to believe this but I did not realize I had to buy charges/ammo. I had been using a Citizen 75 mm Rail gun, and it does not need ammo,I am currently either flying a Tristan or a Incurus. I’m doing combat missions currently so Your advice on the best of the 2 ships would be appreciated. As well as how to outfit it. Thanks a bunch gang,This makes life so much better.

First, in your character sheet, the skills in the Engineering group are good for making all your ships fit more/bigger things. Energy Management, CPU Management, train these skills to 4.

Second, fitting a ship:

2a. Read the ship description text to see what it is intended for, what weapons it has bonuses for.

2b. Fit those weapons. With every weapon you have 2 choices: Long Range (125mm or 150mm rail gun) or Short Range (light ion, electron, or neutron blaster).

2c. Frigates MUST have speed. Put in a 1mn Afterburner to give yourself speed. For PVP, look at 5mn microwarpdrive.

2d. Fit defenses. Gallente typically use armor defenses, and frigates don’t have enough fitting slots for a full set of plates + armor resistances, so just fit a small armor repairer and a damage control and call it “defended”.

2e. Fit damage enhancements. If the ship uses guns, look at magnetic field stabilizers, if the ship uses drones, look at drone damage amplifiers.

2f. Fit utility: If you’re going to be using short range guns, a stasis webifier is nice. For missiles, a target painter is nice. Otherwise, capacitor rechargers or capacitor boosters are nice.

2g Fit your rig slots. Frigates use small rigs (and you need to train the rigging skills to fit rigs). Look at capacitor recharge rigs, drone damage rigs, basically, utility rigs.

Tristan is a drone ship. It can fit 2 guns, but the main damage will come from the full set of light scout drones that you can control during the fight. Make sure that the Drones skill is trained to 5, so you can control 5 drones. You can put some light blasters on it for extra damage against the tougher opponents that the drones can’t overcome by themselves. Defenses are 1mn afterburner, small armor repairer, drone damage amplifier x2.

Incursus is a gun ship, it can fit 3 guns and only 1 drone. Make sure your Gunnery skills are trained, and a typical fit for the Incursus uses 3 (short range) light ion blasters with antimatter or uranium charge S ammo (antimatter is short range ammo), 1mn afterburner and stasis webifier to keep the target close as you shoot it, and the typical small armor repairer, and 2 magnetic field stabilizers in low slots.

Incursus and Tristan are both combat frigates, and they’re pretty good at it. One is not better than the other, it’s just a choice of do you want to shoot with guns, or do you want to send drones after the enemy.

EDIT: Also, the civilian equipment that you get from tutorial is crap. Don’t use “civilian” stuff, get the good stuff from the market.


Tristan is one of the most flexible ships in the game. This article will give you an idea from a faction warfare/PVP viewpoint but it is also an excellent PVE platform since you can stay out of range and let your drones do the work.

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Man I miss my Tristan. I haven’t had one since I got in my vexor. I forgot how fun they were to fly. So much faster than my vexor and algos.

I love the algos, its a good ship and has fire power, you just give up a little too much speed.

This is a little fit I threw together PvE kite fit.

If you run a little tight on powergrid, replace the t2 stuff for t1, try to keep the damage amp 2 if possible.

The guns are just to help out if needed for lil more fire power. I stick to usually stick to Iridium for range, maybe Tungsten if I’m desperate for range. Iron is dead to me :confounded:

[Tristan, Shield Tristan]
Damage Control II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Overdrive Injector System I

Medium Shield Extender II
1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
[empty med slot]

125mm Carbide Railgun I, Iridium Charge S
125mm Carbide Railgun I, Iridium Charge S
[empty high slot]

Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Small Ancillary Current Router II
Small Core Defense Field Extender I

Hobgoblin I x5
Hornet I x3

The only problem I have with drones is if they are speeding after you, your drones MAY have trouble catching up and applying damage

Remember a lesson I learned as a old player…learn all ships and their viable fits. I’m not talking study posted fittings or use the fitting tools, learn the aspects of each ship, use the bonuses to their maximum ability and realize that you can’t always have a balanced fit of tank, dps and speed…2 out of 3 is best to achieve.
You can use faction mods that use less pg or cpu in some cases and if needed extra cpu or pg, there’s rigs and low slot mods for both cpu and pg. Hope I’m not stating the obvious.