Ship wont fit

so I got a new ship but when I try to fit a module like guns
it shows ‘’ cannot be fitted to this hull as it lacks the required fitting slots.’’
Can somebody give me an answer
Kent Avio

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Some ships can only fit guns (turret slots). Some ships can only fit missiles. Some can fit both. Apparently you have a ship that cannot fit guns.

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Hey but it used to be able to fit guns and now nothing
PS: my ship is Apotheosis

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I’ve never used the Apotheosis, but I just looked at it in my inventory and apparently it’s a shuttle, and shuttles can’t fit any modules…

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ok thanks man :wink:

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Hello and welcome to Eve,

Yeah, that’s a shuttle which is great for quick travel, like when you want to get a ship in another system. It can’t fit any modules and has a very small cargo space. It’s only defense is agility so you’ll want to do manual jumps from gate to gate, no flying on autopilot.

This guide contains some good info on fitting ships.

You might have mistaken the Shuttle for the Corvette ‘Rookie’ ship which has Civilian Gun and Mining modules on it, those are only good for the Career Agent missions.

Hope you have a long rewarding career here in Eve.

Ok thanks

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