Coming back to EVE to realise ships has no engine sound while flying

Is it real?

Sadly, no, EVE is not real. You are not in fact remote-piloting spaceships in a different galaxy.

From what I can tell, regular speed flight either doesn’t have sound, or the sound is too low to be detected past the music/other noises.

If you turn on an afterburner or MWD you get some sound effects.

Go into settings and increase world volume, it has a habit of resetting to zero.

No help… still too silent… and those factory sounds… ehh… it’s so bad i can’t hear any engine sound while flying.

I wouldn’t worry about sound engine. Are your assets OK after return?

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Official Video) - YouTube

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In space no one can hear you…

EVE has sound?

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Eve isn’t space

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