No weapon sound

Hi all, I’m a new player and have only started playing. I have ran into a problem where whenever I enter combat there is no weapon sound or explosions, UI sound effect and music seems to work alright however, and I have no idea what is causing this. Anyone got fixes? Thanks in advance.

Weapon sounds are lumped in the “environmental sounds” or some such in your audio setting. Would you happen to have that disabled?

There are no sounds in space. EVE online is a serious space sim. You should learn this in 10th grade physics.

But incase youre wondering, weapon sounds are relative. As in, you need to be zoomed up to your ship in order to hear them. If you zoom out, since your perspective is that of a camera looking from 30 km away, sound is muffled or silent. Try zooming in next time, where your ship is filling the entire screen, and shoot something.

I have tried zooming all the way up to my ship and still hear no sound, missing sound files maybe?

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