Coming back to the rubik's cube

So, this is what Eve looks like after a 3-year absence.


So now that I have the spreadsheet updated, all my ships stripped and refitted, my overview set up, and have somewhat remembered how to fumble my way from point “A” to point “B”, I’m ready to get out into the universe again. Now comes the hard part: finding a group of pocket-calculator nerds to hang out with. Wait, is that still a thing? God, I’m old.

I have two Omega accounts, one with 100M skillpoints, the other with 94M skillpoints.

Historically, I’ve been a high-sec dweller and all that goes with it, with a focus on providing corporate logistical support (small-“l” logistics, although I can provide both shield and armor Logistics as well). With that in mind, I own and can fly:

  • Perfect Orca boosts.
  • Dual Exhumers.
  • Dual freighters.
  • A Bowhead.
  • Perfect ice, and high- and low-sec ore refining through 13 NPC Corporations with over 750 stations.

Basically, I can run completely self-contained ops where the miners just have to show up and demolish the asteroids.

Other fun stuff:

  • My NPC standings mean I have access to a number of mission agents. Paired PvE boats followed by dual Noctis’s (Noctis’? Nocti?) means quick completions.
  • I am currently based in the arse-end of Amarr space, and would, if possible, prefer to stay there. I really don’t feel like hauling all my stuff halfway acrossed the universe. For the umpteenth time.
  • I live in the EST (Eve -5) time zone; a corporation that’s busy when I am is preferable. Busy means, to me, at least 5-10 people on at any given time.
  • I have done, and enjoyed, small-gang PvP ops in low-sec space. A bit of that would be a bonus.

The following need not apply:

  • Pirate and/or majority PvP corporations. I have no problem defending myself, but I have no interest in doing it full time.
  • Folks that take themselves or the game too seriously.
  • Corporations that have rigid schedules, commitments, or obligations; if you have a mandatory anything, I’ll pass.
  • Unless the character of null and wormhole space has changed dramatically in the last 3 years, I’m not interested.

FYI: Uncle Enzo’s Cosa Nostra Pizza is a dead holding corporation where I hang out between real gigs.

Any updates on the state of politics in New Eden would be appreciated.

Feel free to contact me in any way you please. If I’m online, I can be found in the “ENZO Public” channel.



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Welcome back to eve

Personally i found when returning to eve that finding the right corp with the right people makes of 80% of what is great about eve online.
To that end i hope you might contact me in game (will try to mail to later as well) or join our recruitment channel “Unbound Recruitment” just hang out a little and get to know us and see if we might be a good fit.

We are a medium sized corp in null-sec with easy access to high-sec as well (have a few miners that almost stay exclusively in high sec). Mainly we are group of people that try to enjoy EVE in all the aspect is offer with the time left after working and taking care of the family :slight_smile:

You can read a short overview here, but find that a convo in game on on discord is the best way to see if you might fit in with LEUB and us with you LEUB up local (Null PvP and Industry!)


Thank you. I’ll keep an eye out for you to chat.



Bumping myself.

Horse Killers are looking for fresh meat with or without experience.

Join “HKs public” or PM/mail me in game.


Nocturnal Reconnaissance and Manufacturing would love to have you. We’re a highsec mining and industry corporation. We’re a pretty chill group, and would be interested in hearing from you if you’re interested. Please message me here or in game if you would like to know more!

Just a reminder: while I appreciate the thought, I have little to no interest in null.

Thank you everyone for the interest so far. It’s good to see the Eve community is still as vibrant as ever!

If your interested in WH space we have a solid crew that supports all functions within the space and building out. Fakawi#2802 on discord and ill shoot you an in game mail.

Thank you for the offer, but I’ll pass on wormhole space.

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