Command Burst/Fleeting Questions

If you are in fleet and have a command burst running. Does the game count it as neutral logi? If one of the ships you are boosting goes suspect does the boosting ship get a limited engagement timer like a neutral logi does now?

If a member of a fleeting is War Dec does it make the whole fleet a target for their active War Dec enemies? Does boosting a ship in an active War Dec make the boosting ship a limited engagement target for their War Dec enemies?

Does the game have a different mechanic for limited engagements between different boosting type? aka, shield boosts, armor boosts, etc

Can only talk about the second question. No you wont get tagged with war dec boosting in a neutral boosting ship.

I do know that your boost stay if one of your fleet enters an LE, not sure about suspect, with another ship and you dont get tagged with anything there as well.

Only time youll gain suspect from the other ship is if your remotely helping them with resebos or tracking links or such.

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You get a 60 second weapons timer is all, and cannot dock, jump gate or tether until timer is done.

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This question is important because neutral bursts are the bread and butter doctrine for cowardly high sec wardeccers. And they will probably not help you on the subject just out of spite. My guess is that regardless of whoever they are boosting, be suspect, criminal, or members of a war, you won’t still go suspect, so it is very useful to bring 2-3 Command ships to provide anything a fleet needs without consequence.

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