Compact Mobile Tractor Beam Emitter

For those who hunt Rogue Drones, the CMTBE, is simply an MTU, without the loot hold. The CMBTE would only be able to tractor wrecks that do not have loot in the wreck hold. The CMBTE would have a 150km range and would tractor wrecks 25% faster than the MTU. The CBMTE would take 35% less volume in a ship’s cargo hold. The CBMTE could also be shot down with the attacker being tagged Flashy Yellow, for pirating the CMBTE in High and Low sec.

The CMBTE has time limit of use, two days, once it first deployed. The lifetime limit is to keep units from simply being abandoned and cluttering up space.

Cost: 1.5 milISK

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Not that stupid idea considering the poster, but it should be a “faction” type of mtu like magpie, obtained as a bpc from some harder/special data sites and then it could be justified.

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Counter offer, remove all mtu. All this afk ratting is clearly rotting people brains to the point they can’t even keep the names of their ideas strait.

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Granted, make explorers go out and find the BPC’s. Good idea.

I would say, Low Sec sites would be the sites to get the BPC’s from, each BPC’s could be researched. Each level of research obtained would increase the CMTBE’s base attributes. 20 run limit.

Good god the brain rot runs deeper than I thought. Either your think this is how researching BPs works out you want to add in this mechanic that’s incompatible with a primary game system just for this one needless item.

Nonsense, it’s not incompatible, as there already is a MTU in the game. This one is for those who simply want empty wrecks, where the CMTBE works faster.

The way you want research to affect base stats is incomparable with the market system in game, (and probably with the current research mechanics) its why mutagin mods can’t be sold on the market. What does how you want to alter the way research is expected to work have to do with mtus already being in the game?

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Okay, the rats would drop a 1,3,5,or 8 run BPC of the CMTBE.

1 - 3 run BPO = 5 copy maximum
5 run BPO = 8 copy maximum
8 run BPO = 12 copy maximum

The CMBTE would be like the GECKO, a finite resource.

how does this make sense?

BPO = infinite runs
BPC = limited runs and it is consumed when the last one is used.

are you daft?

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Nothing he’s said makes much sense. Not understanding the difference between a bpo and a bpc is bad. But it’s nothing compared to him calling drops finite.

I mean honestly this may be one of the most ridiculous things iv seen posted.

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A finite number of drops means that BPO’s or BPC’s of the CMTBE would last for maybe, three months, and never drop again.

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