Compensation for expired Capsuleerr stuff?

I just sold in Jita some of my expired T Abyss filaments for 400 isks…
Wondering if it was possible to get some real compensation for these items once they get expired…

Filaments plus a bunch of materials that now are useless and worth beasically net zero…

On one hand it was my fault for miscalculating the end of the event, and I had everything spread across multiple stations etc… on the other… I thought because some triglavian stuff was
also found in the loot materials… not all of it would just… expire…

Or maybe these one time events could start repeating themselves in time
and do not make evry single item obsolete at each year passing???

And now it’s too late bc I sold or trashed everything… but the next event is looming over
the horizon…

My total gain in this capsuleer timeframe is irrelevant, I mean I run into negative gains…
Resell those materials would have helped me get a little bit of my lossess contained…

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of course you have to get some real compensation. CCP does even owe you a public apology for basically stealing your property and you really should insist that you get all of it. PLEX, ISK, free SP, rare skins and apparel and maybe even some RL cash on top of paying your lawyers.

Best of luck!


I have plenty of Evemarks, tnx to the Capsuleer stuff I did, so I alread got my compensation
from CCP. Problem is… how do I spend this Evemarks???
I mean, ISKies is ok… but Evemarks… I still got no clue whatsoever…

Maybe a little guide would suffice, don’t need RL… just a little guide on Eve TV on what to expect
on these special stuff that puff out every now and then would be magic!
I don’t need RL cash on top, I’m diabetic, I can’t eat cherrys!

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EVENT items are only good during the EVENT. Imagine that…

Evemarks tho do not expire and I still got no clue other than going to a Paragon agent that wan’t to gift me MORE Evemarks…

Evermarks are for corp and aliiance emblems on your ship.


It’s an outrage that you have to ask for compensation, OP. CCP should do it immediately without you having to do anything. They should also have a customer support channel exclusively for you in case you need compensation for being in the game.

I wonder I haven’t seen this ■■■■ on the forums yet. With so many events and so many expired stuff, why nobody demanded a compensation yet?!

Well thank you @Queotzcatl , you restored my faith in humanity.

EDIT: Also please let me know when you log back.

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Try to breathe and relax, the game isn’t being threatened, it’s going to be ok, this player will eventually adjust, you will be ok, the game will be ok.

If they produced a customer support channel exclusively for the OP wouldn’t it stand to reason that they produced a customer support channel exclusively for you. Somebody to help you through your Outrage outrage.

It’s a scandal!

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Entitled snowflakes shall burn at the stake. Bob wills it!

You would’ve gotten a better deal in Dodixie.

That would be the case if I showed outrage. Unfortunately for you, I’m not more outraged than you seem to be.

Just wait some time …it’s like wine - the older it gets the more it is worth :wink:

“Compensation” :face_with_hand_over_mouth: