Completed 17.9 Mill SP Minmatar ganker pilot
pw is 4321

Great for Shenanigens

Can fly
Max skill solo Catalyst
Gankers --Thrasher,Algos
Minmatar --Sabre Interdictor
tactical destroyer–Svipul
14 days away from Codes gate ganker Vexor
24 days of using gank fits of Tornadoes found in jita
24 days away from using gank fits of Talos usually found in uedama

ill go 10b

max 5B

12b thanks

Thank you

First offer closest to 14 bill gets me today

i will do it for 14b, if its all the same you

Peach Gator, you got it send isk and info

IM leaving for work on the overnight shift i do 12 hour shifts, I will transfer once i get
back home from work

I pay transfer fee

you need account name and isk? what other info is needed from me?

i need your account name for me to transfer to and 14 billion isk

thank you, in-game mail inbound within 5 mins

Info/isk sent

isk and info received will transfer when i get back home from over night 12 hour shift

forgot to add a slight negative sec status - easily fixed

currently in high sec

positive wallet

no worries, thanks for hitting the rules - i saw in eveboard - i’d expect nothing less from a ganker :smiley:

Transfer started confirm on your end


We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred to you will remain on the sender’s account but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Zheutigaer Zane

transfer complete, thank you

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