[COMPLETED] 20220119 - Unscheduled Server Restart

What happens with citadel repair timers during unscheduled downtime windows?

yes it does

you can petition ccp for ship replacement

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Launcher settings, Shared Cache, Verify fix the problem for me.

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CCP needs to stop messing with the game until they get some programmers who know what they’re doing. Something is broke almost every day. And when they fix it they break something else. This problem didn’t exist before CCP was sold

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This is taking longer compared to a restart. you sure is not maintenance?

…because some people cannot be seen in Local Chat and some cannot access corp/alliance chat. These are esseantial intel tools in 0.0 Sec.

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Except it doesn’t. You might have gotten lucky hitting the right proxy, but I’ve had connection and with a session change lose it again. What’s more, while your local might seem to be working, you won’t see people in local who have chat issues, so if you use local to stay secure you’re half-blind without knowing it.

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Could we please implement this local chat not working bug permanently in Jita?


Лизанул в самое то- продолжай также -Оценят

remove local = more explosions,


I guess they hired bunch of high-schoolers to save money :smiley: the quality of the work is adequate to that.

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startup in 40…

less scammers

Welcome to EVE forums; we are a community, let us walk an AU in the other persons shoes before we comment


have, still doesn’t work. maybe it’s the ecm burst as stated above. Idk.

essential everywhere

у меня 2 бустера сгорели! верните мне бустеры)


Yea +1 here, lets scan some relics, get stuff to make a warp thingy, use said warp thingy to get more stuff to make a warp thingy?!

Sadly its just Rubbish! How about just increase the loot in existing sites ? Lot less effort…

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