[COMPLETED] 20220322 - Extended Downtime

yes people take everything for granted and they have no idea wat we Network administrators and so on have to deal with all the time with Large Server Clusters

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If the Network Administrators are looking after Large Server Clusters, are the System Administrators looking after the Nework Infrastructure?

Just like last time?

Well, I thought everybody knows this :slight_smile: (Working as a system and network admin for 30 years …)

One never does… Thanks for the headsup.
Take care @CCP_Convict

is this the place for toxic comments?



I love the fact that to assume makes an ass of u and me - but mostly of you.

Managing big complex systems means that you understand the risks and how to mitigate AND appropriately communicate them. Giving < 24 hours notice to paying customers of a change that you’re not even bothering to describe to them is appalling customer service.

Again no. We’re complaining about the repeated pattern of poor behaviour.


does that still exist?

I think they troll triggered you. We don’t care about your IT experience, really :slight_smile:

Having played for 17 years, 30 min DT is short…you’ve just got used to sub-5min DT. I sure appreciate the lack of reboots, stable patches and content development.

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Admin’s put an udpate here when the server is up right? Anyways, im new here, and the game have all the power for Make new players like me to come.
Keep doing this, its great!

Regards to all.

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Coming soon for 29.99 and then for an extra 10.0 you get a fw exclusive ship for your chosen race

Apparently so!

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Starting to feel withdrawal symptoms can you please start the server already?


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thank you!

Why so sad? In Oz it’s right in the middle of our peak time.

Here in the so far South, its starting the day so, doesnt affect too much. jaja

Server is up.

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Yeah- players in other countries forget this is a global game. The DT timing is good for Northern Hemisphere players- early morning USA, lunchtime EU (so lower player numbers from the first major markets). Having started playing in the Southern hemisphere, I can feel your pain as you try to fleet and DT approaches!

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The hemispheres have nothing to do with the time. It’s 11:00 UTC in Cape Town just like it is in Berlin.